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A big part of releasing a new book is promoting said book, and a huge part of promoting is writing guest posts. So for the release of So Far Away, I wrote guest posts, and if you’re interested in reading them, here are the links:

I visited A.L. Lester’s blog and wrote about where the idea for the story came, and how writing about a pandemic amidst a pandemic is tricky business, and how the story I wanted to tell wasn’t about the virus itself, but of the humans affected by the circumstances. Link here.

Considering the topic for Ally’s blog, this review made me really happy:

 So Far Away isn’t so much about the virus but the human heart, the emotions that can and have hit most of us.

Padme’s Library

Next, I visited Ofelia Gränd’s blog and wrote about what’s the first thing I’d do when reunited with my significant other if I’d been separated from him. And what Zakarias and Julian in So Far Away wants to do when they finally are allowed to touch again. Link here.

And finally, I visited Holly Day’s blog and wrote about established couples in books (and TV shows) and the complicated relationship I have to reading books with established couples. Link here.

Read the two lovely reviews in their entirety @ Bayou Book Junkie

Engaged couple Zakarias and Julian are convinced nothing can separate them…until a global pandemic hits. Zakarias catches the virus with mild symptoms and isolates in the couple’s guest house. The few meters dividing them might as well be the moon as he watches Julian, an ICU nurse, work himself to the bone, unable to support him the way he needs. Frustration and worry build as the weeks pass. Will Zakarias be declared healthy before Julian burns out?

M/M Contemporary / 14 567 words

While the theme hits close to home regarding what’s happening in the world, the focus isn’t on the situation itself, but on the human experiences of the main characters and how they deal with it all.

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