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Sunday Book Recommendation

It’s Sunday, and Sundays are for reading on the couch (or in the garden now that it’s spring), shushing anyone who tries to disturb you unless it’s asking if you need more tea, and relaxing. And if you need a reading recommendation, I’ve got you covered.

I’ve read three books by K.L. Noone lately – and if you’ve followed me for a while, you know how I feel about K.L. Noone by now – that I want to tell you about. Three books that were as great as every other book of hers I’ve read. She really is one of my absolute favorite authors, and sometimes I get upset that I don’t see more people talking about her books. That’s so unfair; her stories deserve praise and recognition.

Do you have a favorite author who doesn’t get the recognition they deserve? If yes, tell me about them in the comments, please.

Anyway: I’ll start with the shortest and most recent of the books I read:

Ellis retired from a pirate’s life to settle down with Tom, the man he loves. But when a fever nearly claims Tom’s life, Ellis faces a foe he can’t fight, and though Tom’s recovering, the ordeal’s left Ellis shaken. On a stormy afternoon, can Ellis and Tom face the tempests of their emotions and find safe harbor together?

Gay Historical Romance / 3202 words

If you only have a few minutes, this is the book for you. And if you like pirates! I don’t; I’ve never understood the attraction to pirates, but after reading a huge chunk of what K.L. Noone has written, I knew that she wouldn’t disappoint me even with pirates, and I was right!

“Speaking of, can I at least ask you to kiss me? Not too gently? Piratically, perhaps?”

Quote from A Sonnet for a Thunderstorm

Buy link: JMS Books

Aidan’s on what should be an easy Magical Enforcement Division case: stolen apples. But the apple-thief faerie-horse shifts into a gorgeous young man who doesn’t mind being captured. Ink left his herd to find adventure, and he has. He likes Aidan’s hands and that enchanted bridle on him. But ritual magic and complicated powers collide, and the family legacy Aidan’s been avoiding becomes important.

Gay Paranormal BDSM Erotic Romance / 20 205 words

If you like paranormal stories but have grown tired of all the wolves in shifter stories and crave something more unusual, may I suggest a faerie-horse shifter story? I admit I hadn’t heard about a “Pooka” before reading this story, but Google tells me it’s an Irish mythical creature, that “is a shapeshifter and can take any form it chooses. Usually, it is seen in the form of a horse, dog, rabbit, goat, goblin, or even an old man. Traditionally a Pooka is seen as a dark, sleek horse with a long wild flowing mane and luminescent golden eyes.” (source)

The day I read this book, I was so in the mood for an apple-thief faerie-horse and I was not disappointed!

He remained very, very unclothed: toes bare in long grass, ears up and shivering through dark hair, tail a starlit fall of onyx against pale skin and apple-tree bark.

Quote from The Pooka’s Share

Buy link: JMS Books

Raine’s an unconventional Cupid who dislikes his powers. He isn’t about to fall in love and wouldn’t trust someone falling in love with him. But the owner of his local coffee shop tempts him. Don’s a Frost who enjoys good coffee and overall cheer. But one gorgeous Cupid seems immune. Don’s determined to make Raine smile, and he learns Raine’s sarcasm hides a lonely heart.

Gay Fantasy BDSM Erotic Romance / 40 020 words

The word that best describes this story is probably “delightful,” and it left me with a wide, happy grin on my face. The characters, Don and Raine, are delightful, the coffee shop is delightful, the writing is delightful, everything is delightful. I probably looked like this 😍 the whole time I read this book. And it’s really creative: Raine is a divorce lawyer Cupid, who dislikes Valentine’s Day – “You mean the commemoration of commercialization and insincere affection?” (I couldn’t have said it better myself!) – and Don is a big-hearted coffee shop owner who can create frost and ice, who I’d like to know in real life.

He sent Raine, via the dependable Henry, his heart in the form of coffee: strong and bold, with a dazzling variety of beans and roasts.

Arabica. Robusta. Viennese. Italian. Complicated blends. Spices and smoke.

Quote from Frost & Raine

Buy link: JMS Books

Happy sigh.

I love K.L. Noone, have I told you that before? 😂

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    1. I think maybe my first KL Noone book was Revelry? Or maybe I’m misremembering. I don’t know, but I’ve loved her work since the first book of hers that I read, so I know what you mean 🙂

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