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Take a Walk in the Park Day

Today is Take a Walk in the Park Day, when we are encouraged to stretch our legs at our favorite trail or neighborhood park. That’s an excellent suggestion, especially if the sun is out in your corner of the world like it is in mine. This optimistic internet page says it’s the perfect opportunity to maybe compose an original poem. No pressure or anything, just go out for a walk and write a poem. Right. ๐Ÿ˜€

If you’re not a poet, maybe you can do what Jacke in They Met in the Park does. He’s found a remote corner in his neighborhood park where he likes to decompress and breathe for a few moments after work. And if you, also like Jacke, spot someone who’s cute, maybe take a chance and talk to them today (at a covid-safe distance ofc)? If it’s raining in your part of the world, you can offer to lend them your umbrella or just take a slow stroll and soak in the atmosphere ๐Ÿ™‚

And should the urge to write a poem strike you, go for it ๐Ÿ˜€

Can a spoiled little dog bring two strangers together?

The first time Jacke sees him, itโ€™s a happy accident. Heโ€™s taken refuge in a quiet corner of the park, decompressing after a difficult day at work, when the man, dressed in a fancy suit, passes by him walking a spoiled little dog.

As the days pass, Jacke notices the adorable pair several times. Heโ€™s unable to take his eyes off the man whose first priority is the dog, even over his own comfort. And one day, when circumstances are right, Jacke takes a chance and speaks to the man. David.

Davidโ€™s personality is as adorable as his outward appearance, and a short walk in the rain results in mutual attraction and a promise to see each other again. A second meeting in the park turns into a date, and Jacke starts longing for something he thought heโ€™d never have; a partner. But does David feel the same? Will a chance meeting in the park turn into love?   

M/M Contemporary / 17478 words

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