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I don’t know if you remember, but in early January, I whined blogged about how one of my goals for 2021 was to set up a newsletter (link to post here). In the post, I wrote that I’d spend the month of January setting it up…and well, I did. I did other stuff, too, of course, but I started in January. I continued into February, because there was a lot to do, mainly writing the freebie story I wanted to give away as a reward for signing up.

And now it’s March, and now I’m finished. Yes, you read that right, my newsletter is ready for the world, ready for you, and I can check that off my to-do list!

*excuse me while I go pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate this momentous occasion*

It’s entirely possible that you know about the newsletter already because I’ve posted it on all my social media accounts, but this post is for anyone who reads my blog and nothing else.

There’s a sign-up tab at the top of the page (underneath my banner) and there’s a sign-up link in the sidebar (underneath the “About Nell” section) and of course, I’ll pop a link here, too.

So clickety-click this button if you haven’t already signed up to my newsletter and you’re dying to do it.

Erik and Magnus have been neighbors for five years and lovers for eighteen months. Magnus is ready for the next step in their relationship—moving in together—but Erik’s memories of his messy divorce make him hesitant.

Will a dramatic and potentially dangerous incident nudge them in the right direction?

Love on the Balcony is a 7k newsletter exclusive, contemporary story about an established couple in their forties. It’s short, sweet, and emotional, like most Nell Iris stories.