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Three Days – Three Temporary Desks

Last weekend, I went to visit The World’s Cutest and Most Wonderful Grandbaby 😍 (and her parents of course), but a weekend away from home does not equal a vacation. A writer never rests! So I got up at my usual time, met up with my morning writing crew, and did what I was supposed to do: wrote! I was there for three mornings and tried three different writing spaces, so I thought I’d show you what it looks like when a writer (at least this writer) travels.

Morning 1: the kitchen table. Good table space, awful chair. My butt is spoiled with my ultra comfy office chair at home and did not approve of a hard kitchen chair.

Morning 2: couch/coffee table. My behind was happier this morning (very soft and comfy couch) but my back not so much. A low coffee table is not ideal despite excellent table space, and my back threatened to quit if I didn’t move. So I did. I don’t wanna be a spineless person after all πŸ˜‚

Morning 3: the couch+couch cushion desk. Again the couch is very comfy for my behind, but the cushion…well, it was at least moveable so I could lean back and put it on my lap. That was tolerable at least.

Verdict: I think morning 3 wins after all because the couch is comfier than the kitchen chair any day. But also: being awarded with sunny morning baby smiles and soft baby cuddles make everything worth it. I’d even sit on the kitchen chair by the coffee table if it meant I could start every morning with a happy baby smile πŸ™‚