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What I read this week

I’ve been reading a lot this week: fanfiction, a sad but fantastic Swedish book about the forced relocation of the Sámi, the nomadic indigenous people of Sweden (and Norway, Finland, and Russia). If you understand Swedish, you really should read it. I’ve even read a Poirot book because I was in the mood for an eccentric detective.

And of course, I’ve read romances, too, because that’s my most beloved genre. I thought I’d tell you about what I’ve read.

After Poirot, I was in the mood for more mysteries, so I picked up Tallowwood by N.R. Walker. It’s a very good book, albeit too low on the romance factor for me personally, something I grumbled about to my dear friend Kris T. Bethke.

I love a good mystery, but I love a delicious romance even more, and N.R. Walker does romances so very well, so I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get more. But if you don’t mind a book that’s low on romance, this could definitely be for you.

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After reading and gushing about One Night in London, I decided to check out what else K.S. Murphy has written, and couldn’t resist a book named Bring Your Sub to Work Day. I realize that if you work at a regular office with other people around, having your sub kneeling by your feet while working could be a bit awkward, but it works perfectly since the MCs are working from home because of a global pandemic.

It was a quick, steamy read with a genderfluid character and it definitely made me want to read more by this author.

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Kasia Bacon seems to be an author who can accomplish the impossible: making me read and like high fantasy. For Holidays at Nell’s I read Blessing and Light, a freebie story I’d downloaded, and despite that it was part of a fantasy universe (which I didn’t know beforehand) I absolutely adored it. So when I won a giveaway (any book from Kasia Bacons backlist) in a Facebook takeover, I requested Rago. A deliciously short story about a dragon shifter. Because why not?

AND…*drum roll*…I liked it! So much that I’ve downloaded a sample of another of her books set in the same universe. Miracles do happen 🙂

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When my friend Amy Tasukada asked me if I knew of any series with bad guys, I recommended the Brooklyn Sinners series by Avril Ashton. And then I realized I hadn’t read an Avril Ashton book in ages, so I decided to fix that problem. I found the sample for this book in my Kindle app, and decided to start reading it when I woke up at 4:10 am yesterday morning, and by 6am, when it was time to start my writing session for the day, I’d finished it.

It was short and steamy and intense, and I liked it. I’ve added book two to my “want to read” list on Goodreads.

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The Playlist was another title I couldn’t resist. I love lists and I love music, so playlists are the ultimate Nell Iris thing! 🙂 AND it’s 4307 words long, which was perfect because I was in the mood for something short and quick.

This was apparently a book in a series, which I didn’t know when I bought it, but it works as a standalone: I had no trouble keeping up with the story. And when I finished it, I’d added two songs to to my “Nell collects” playlist: Try Not To Breathe by R.E.M. and Bullet Proof Soul by Sade. So thanks for that, Kim Davis! The gift of a new favorite song is a great gift. So is a good book, even if it was a gift to myself this time 😀

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I have absolutely no idea when or where I bought this book, but I found it in my ebook folder where I keep all my epub books. I can’t remember even hearing about the author, so it’s a mystery. But when I read the blurb and realized it was a BFFs-to-lovers story, I jumped right in.

And OH MY GAAAAWD, these two best friends were supremely dense and clueless, but the book wasn’t long enough for it to become annoying, and I ended up really liking it. It was short and sweet, and a great introduction to a new-to-me author.

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Have you read something good this week? If yes, please let me know in the comments! 🙂

5 thoughts on “What I read this week”

      1. I resisted audiobooks for the longest time. I still prefer them only for rereads of favorites that I’ve previously read in ebook form. I’ve only experienced a story purely by audio one time, and I was able to follow along easier than I thought I might, but I think I’ll stick mostly to listening to faves I’ve already got essentially memorized.

        What are your thoughts so far?

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        1. I have Swedish book subscription service, and while they don’t have a lot of M/M romance ebooks, they have quite the selection of audiobooks. So when I wanted to read Tallowwood and saw it was available, I decided to try. I made it about half-way, then I stopped because I didn’t like the narrator. He was pretty good as long as it came to the mystery part, but when he came to the actual romance part…not so much. And by then I was invested in the story so I bought the ebook instead. And then I re-read something I’d read before, a shorty, only 3 hours long. That worked very well. Right now, I’m listening to a book that is FAR TOO LONG, 12 freaking hours and it’s making me a bit frustrated that I can’t as easily skip (especially the smexy scenes 😀 ). And tbh, the antagonists drive me ABSOLUTELY CRAZY (they’re not a huge part of the story, and I like the MCs fine, but the antagonists…*insert frustrated scream here*) so at this point I’m mostly listening to it because I love the narrator’s voice. It’s deep and rumbly, and his voice is forever going to be the model for my MCs’ voices from now on 😀

          And I know that’s not really what you asked. I think I like it, but in the future I’ll steer clear of 12 hour long books. It’s 440 pages and I don’t know what I was thinking because I rarely read something that long, but I guess the blurb caught me. And the cover. (It’s this one if you’re curios 🙂 )

          Audiobooks are also great for when doing stuff, like cooking or going for a walk or whatever, and the whole reason for me starting this experiment was that our new house has the biggest effing lawn and I’m going to be riding one of them tractor mowers when we move in, and I’m pretty sure that’ll drive me bonkers if I don’t have something to do at the same time 😁

          And also: I pay about 20 bucks/month for the subscription service, but I can read and listen to an unlimited amount of books, so that makes it worth it… I think.

          Is this the longest blog reply in the whole world? 😀

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          1. Yes, they’re great for when you’re active. I do a lot of listening while mowing the lawn. Generally, I’m easily distracted, which is why I prefer rereads so I won’t be lost if I lose my train of thought for a bit.

            I’m not sure how it works with your subscription, but with Amazon/Audible you can adjust the playback speed to make it varying degrees of slower or faster. Suddenly a 12-hour book is only 6 or less.

            I also love to immersion read or flip back and forth between ebook and audio. That’s one thing Amazon gets right.


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