Nell on Instagram + five favorites

One of my goals for this year is to get better at social media. Post more regularly, think about my content, be more personal while still promoting myself as a writer. It’s difficult for someone like me, who’s not best friends with social media, but I’m trying.

My current focus is on Instagram. I’m trying to post something everyday: pictures from my life (lots of tea and food/cooking and pink skies) and promo pics related to my books. Are you following me on Instagram? If not, why not check it out and see if you like my content? And if you do, maybe consider following me?

Here’s a little sneak peek: this was my feed on Sunday (when I scheduled this blog post).

My username on instagram is nell_iris, but here’s a direct link you can click, too:

Nell on Instagram

Aside from posting more regularly, I’m also trying to get better at interacting with the people I follow. I’m more of a scroll-scroll-scroll kind of user, instead of stopping and reading the caption, and commenting something thoughtful or funny. I’m trying to change that. I know how happy a comment makes me, so I can just imagine other people feel the same.

Here are five of my favorite Instagram accounts that I follow:

I like A.L Lester’s (cogenthippo) feed because they’re funny and shares pics from their life. I like all the crazy animals and the pretty promo pictures, and the general vibe of the feed. (Also, if you haven’t read their book Playing Chicken, you definitely should!)

I like Ofelia GrΓ€nd‘s feed because look at how pretty she makes it! Unlike me, she thinks “big picture” and I like that. (Also, if you haven’t read her book When Skies are Gray, you definitely should!)

I like K.L. Noone’s (greenwoodoutlaw) feed because I’m a huge fan of her books, and I also like her craft beer and puzzle pictures. And the cute cat pics, ofc! (Also, if you haven’t read her series Leather and Tea, you definitely should!)

I like Elna Holst’s (elnaholstwrites) feed because she’s a fellow paper-and-pen writer, because of chair socks (check out her feed and you’ll understand) and poetry. (Also, if you haven’t read her book Lucas, you definitely should!)

I like Brigham Vaughn‘s feed because ALL THE FOOD PICS!! (Also, if you haven’t read her Peachtree series, you definitely should!)

Tell me: are you on Instagram? If yes, drop your user name in the comments so I may follow you. And also let me know one of your favorite account you follow. I’m always on the lookout for more fun content! πŸ™‚