Cover reveal: Be Still, My Heart by Holly Day

Today, my friend Holly Day is a guest on my blog again; she’s here to show off the pretty cover for her upcoming release Be Still, My Heart. It’s a Valentine’s story, so if you want to be sure you have something to read on V-day I suggest you clickety-click the pre-order link 🙂

But without further ado, help me welcome Holly to the blog. And maybe we can all help Holly remember her wedding anniversary next year? January 9th, 2022, let’s all email her and remind her, all right? 😂

Thank you for letting me drop by today, Nell. A couple of days ago, I got the cover of my February release, and I wanted to come here to show it off 😀

The story is called Be Still, My Heart, and it’s a Valentine’s story. To be honest, I’m not the kind of person who celebrates Valentine. But then, I’m not the most romantic gal you’ve come across. The day before yesterday, hubby and I had been married for eleven years – I forgot. I always forget. Every year.

But enough about forgotten wedding days, the story is about Valentine. When I saw the cover, I was super happy. You see, I have another story out – a story that was published on my wedding day, and this is the first time I realised that. Signing contracts, writing blog posts, posting on social media – not once did my brain tell me the 9th of January not only was release day but also my wedding day LOL.

I’m getting off track. The cover!  I got up early to meet Nell and the others for our daily writing session. And there it was. While I’d been sleeping, the cover fairy had sent it to me. I opened the email and – here I feel I need to point out I’m waiting for my coffee to get ready, so picture a dark, silent house, and know that I’m in a hibernation-state. A zombie would appear alert compared to me. I opened it, and I smiled.

It matches the Hop Hop, Carrot Top cover! I did not tell the cover fairy to do that, and yet she did.

Are you ready to see it?

Isn’t it pretty? The story is about Dimitri Petrov, a military vet who suffers from PTSD. He’d have stayed hidden in his home for the rest of his life if he could, but he has a sister who runs a matchmaking agency, and she insists on him working the front desk there.

Elian Hubert is an eccentric literary professor in need of a date for a Valentine’s dinner. He walks up to Dimitri and tries to book a date for the evening, not realising they’re not the rent-by-the-hour kind of place.

Be Still, My Heart will be released on February 13th, in perfect time for Valentine’s, but it’s already up for pre-order in the JMS shop.



Four years ago, Dimitri Petrov had his leg blown off by a landmine while in military service. Suffering from PTSD, he doesn’t do crowds, and he doesn’t do people. If he had his way, he’d never leave his house at all. Dimitri’s sister, Irina, runs a dating agency, and despite that it would be better for business if they had a pretty woman working the front desk, Irina insists Dimitri’s the man for the job.

In a whirlwind of pink shirts, flapping hands, and outrageous flirting enters Elian Hubert. Elian needs a date. Invited to speak on love through time in fiction at a Valentine dinner, there is no way he’s showing up alone. When Dimitri tells him The Single Pursuit is unable to help on such short notice, Elian suggests Dimitri be his date.

Dimitri doesn’t do dates, and he doesn’t do dinners, but Elian’s made him happier in the last few minutes than anyone’s been able to do in years. He might not do Valentine’s, and he might not do gatherings, but maybe he can do Elian… a favor and accompany him to his presentation? If things go too badly, he can always hide behind a curtain and pretend he’s somewhere else.

About Holly:

According to Holly Day, no day should go by uncelebrated and all of them deserve a story. If she’ll have the time to write them remains to be seen. She lives in rural Sweden with a husband, four children, more pets than most, and wouldn’t last a day without coffee.

Holly gets up at the crack of dawn most days of the week to write gay romance stories. She believes in equality in fiction and in real life. Diversity matters. Representation matters. Visibility matters. We can change the world one story at the time.

Connect with Holly or visit her website

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