Resolutions for an Arbitrary Holiday

Resolutions for an Arbitrary Holiday: Guest posts and sales

I’ve popped up in a few places around the Internet these last couple days. My morning writing buddies have been gracious and kind to let me visit their blogs and talk about Resolutions for an Arbitrary Holiday, so if you’re interested in reading any of them, here are the links:

At the lovely A.L. Lester’s blog, I talk about the history of new year’s resolutions. Have you ever heard of The Peacock Vow? If not, head over to her blog and read about it in my post.

Over at Ofelia GrΓ€nd’s blog, I write about changing your life, something Petter and Isak from the story have in common. Something I’ve done myself. Clickety-click here to read about it.

Holly Day is a new addition to our morning writing crew, and she also lent me her blog to talk about my new release. There, I write about Ale’s Stones – the setting for the story – my roadtrip to visit them, and the one who inspired me to write this story. Check it out here.

Picture from IFLScience’s Facebook page

This meme could have been made by Petter and Isak in Resolutions for an Arbitrary Holiday.

Have you bought it yet? If not, hurry on over to the Smashwords’ End of Year sale where it’s 50% off. Today January 1st only, since it’s the last day of the sale. My publisher also has a holiday sale through Saturday, and it’s 30% off at JMS Books.

Buy links

JMS Books (30% off: $2.79)| Smashwords (50% off: $1.99)| Universal Buy Link

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