Nell Iris' Christmas

Holidays at Nell’s: Day 6

Today’s book recommendation is for all you friends-to-lovers and angst lovers out there.

Day 6 of Holidays at Nell’s: Wealth of Unsaid words by R. Cooper

This story comes with a HEA, but it’s not your ordinary rosy Christmas fluff, despite the hot chocolate, the snow, the big loving family, and the presents. This is a story of two people who’ve loved each other for their entire lives, but Alex have held back and distanced himself from Everett because of his mental health problems (Alex is bipolar). He’s had a history of spiraling out of control; he’s been afraid to take his meds because he feared it would change him, and he even tried to take his own life once. Through all this, Everett has been there for him. Always a support, always loving, but Alex has felt Everett deserves better.

If I drug my mind-” If he stayed drugged was what he had meant, but Everett had understood. They had finished each other’s sentences often enough. “What if I’m no longer me, afterward? What if I won’t have anything more to say?”

Quote from A Wealth of Unsaid Words by R. Cooper

When this story starts, Alex has learned to take better care of himself and be less self destructive, so now he’s ready for the man he’s loved all his life. But first, there are years and years of old hurt to work through.

If what you want is a light fluffy story full of Christmassy goodness, this isn’t the story for you. But if you want depth and emotions and people working hard for their HEA, then this is exactly right.

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A fair warning though. You’ll need a box of these:

Christmas themed Kleenex. They will show up in more posts πŸ™‚

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