Nell Iris' Christmas

Holidays at Nell’s: Day 3

Are you in the mood for reindeer shifters? For a world where Santa is real and takes care of all the holiday presents, so you don’t have too? If the answer to both those questions is yes, then today’s holiday recommendation is for you.

Day 2 of Holiday at Nell’s: Sleigh Duty by L.M. Brown

Dashiel is one of Santa’s reindeer, but there are many reindeer shifters who share the responsibility, and a few of them get picked randomly every year to draw Santa’s sleigh. Only eight of all the reindeer shifter get chosen each year so it’s a great honor to be picked. It’s impossible for the chosen shifter to get out of it; they will be magically transported to the North Pole twelve hours before the departure time of the sleigh. This interferes with the plans Dashiel has to take Stuart out to dinner on Christmas Eve, and he has to cancel.

I really loved the creative and original take on the reindeer shifters; how they have to report for duty in ahead of the departure because they need to be fitted to the harness and learn how to fly.

The story made me smile and go awww several times. It’s very merry and Christmassy, just the way holiday stories are supposed to be. This is a short (61 pages) little gem for when you need to believe in the magic of Christmas.

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“Isn’t it beautiful?” he said to Fred.

“I’ll take your word for it,” Fred replied.

“You’re not scared of heights are you?”

“I’ll be fine as long as I don’t look down.”

Dashiel snorted. “I’d rather look down at the ground, than at Yuri’s arse all night.”

“I heard that,” Yuri replied. “I’ll have you know, my arse is the envy of reindeer the world over.”

Quote from Sleigh Duty

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