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Hello November

October has been a boring month. I scrolled through my camera roll on my phone and was amazed over how few pictures I have from October, and most of the ones I’ve taken are of food I’ve made. Because cooking is one of the few things I did last month. And reading and writing of course, but other than that…nothing.

So here are ten boring pictures from my October. Tell me, was your month better than mine? 🙂

I’m starting off this blogpost with a picture of raindrops on my balcony door because this is what October has been for me; rainy and gray and depressing. If you’d asked me before the scroll through my camera roll, I could have sworn that we hadn’t had a single sunny day in all of October, but…

…clearly I was wrong. We had at least one sunny day as evidenced by this picture I took when I was out for a walk and found this cute little bridge 🙂

Like I wrote in the beginning: I cooked a lot, and one night I was in desperate need of pizza. But since I don’t eat dairy, I had to make my own. I made it with mozzarella (made from buffalo milk) and pecorino (made from sheeps’ milk), Parma ham and baby spinach. It was delicious.

I’ve done a gazillion online puzzles, and it’s all Ofelia Gränd’s fault. She’s started to include puzzles in her newsletters, and after I finished hers, I thought Hmmm, this was fun, lemme check if there are any more. And there are. Too many. 😀

My husband bought me a beer. An autumn beer that was very yummy, and suitable for the infatuation with fall I’ve nursed this year.

More cooking. I made ärtsoppa (yellow split pea soup) which is a Swedish classic. Traditionally, we eat it on Thursdays with pancakes, the thin crepe like pancakes we in Sweden call pancakes, not the thick fluffy ones from other parts of the world. But I didn’t feel like making pancakes so I skipped them, which made my husband pout for a minute or so. Maybe next time 🙂

Swedes have eaten ärtsoppa for hundreds of years: it first appears in Swedish literature in the 1300s, and also, in 1577 king Erik XIV ate ärtsoppa laced with arsenic and died. No one died after I cooked it, fortunately 🙂

I decorated my tea shelf with a string of fairy lights.

I wrote every day, drank lots of tea and burned a lot of candles.

I watched Pride and Prejudice from 2005 with Keira Knightly because I’d read a lot of Jane Austen fan fiction. Stay tuned for a post about that on the blog.

And on the last day of October, I prepared the word count tracker for November’s NaNoWriMo in my new, square bullet journal.

That’s it. That’s my exciting month. Told you it was boring. And traditionally, November is worse than October. We’ll see.

I leave you with this song by Tom Waits. (Lyrics is below the video)

No shadow
No stars
No moon
No cars

It only believes
In a pile of dead leaves
And a moon
That’s the color of bone

No prayers for November
To linger longer
Stick your spoon in the wall
We’ll slaughter them all

November has tied me
To an old dead tree
Get word to April
To rescue me
November’s cold chain

Made of wet boots and rain
And shiny black ravens
On chimney smoke lanes
November seems odd
You’re my firing squad

With my hair slicked back
With carrion shellac
With the blood from a pheasant
And the bone from a hare

Tied to the branches
Of a roebuck stag
Left to wave in the timber
Like a buck shot flag

Go away you rainsnout
Go away blow your brains out