Writing Update

Writing update

And it’s Monday again. I’m not ready. I had the best Sunday I’ve had in forever, yesterday, and I never wanted it to end, so I’m a bit grumpy about today being Monday. I didn’t even do something all that exciting; just hung out with my darling husband, him watching something on one of the many streaming services, me cuddled up next to him reading an excellent book, with candles, tea, and cinnamon rolls. You get it. Cozy and slow and wonderful, just like Sundays are supposed to be.

But alas. Monday. And it’s time for another writing update, so here it goes.


#SlidingIntoMyDMs, written for the JMS Books in-house submission call about love found on social media, is still with one of my betas. I should probably get to writing a blurb while I wait for it back, but writing blurbs are not my favorite thing to do, so I keep procrastinating. Maybe I need to come up with a reward for myself that I only get if I write the blurb? What do you think of that idea? πŸ˜€

Meet Cute Chronicles

I told you in my last update about They Met in the Library, and an unnamed WIP about Otis, Kirby and a little dog named Princess. They Met in the Library is a meet cute story, and as I was writing Otis and Kirby, I realized that was a meet cute, too. So that had me thinking. What if I wrote a third meet cute story, because three is better than two right? So I named Otis and Kirby’s story They Met in the Park, then I went ahead and renamed the characters, so they are now David and Jacke (nickname for Jakob) instead of Otis and Kirby. Then I started They Met in the Woods, that I’m currently writing. Woods about MΓ₯ns and Viggo who meet when MΓ₯ns forages for mushrooms in the forest and gets lost, but luckily comes across Viggo.

Library and Park (both around 17K words) only need one more pass before they are ready for betas. Woods is currently at about 12K words (and I’m aiming for around 17K words to match the other two), but the words are pouring out of my pen so if the writing continues like this, it will be done this week.

They will be released early next year, and I’m toying with the idea of giving them all the subtitle Meet Cute Chronicles. Not that they’re a series or anything, but because of the theme being the same. Oh, and another thing all three They Met books have in common is that the characters are all in their forties.

What do you think? Meet Cute Chronicles yay or nay? πŸ™‚

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