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I think fall is my favorite season. It’s a recent development, spring has always been my favorite season before. But this year…fall just got into my blood and refused to leave. I want to do all fall-y things and read all the fall-y books and eat all the fall-y food.

So I thought I’d make a list of my top 5 favorite things about fall.

Four of my favorite fall things
  1. The air. There’s something so clear and fresh and crisp about the fall air. It’s feels great for the lungs and fills me with energy, and I love having the window or balcony door open and letting it into my apartment.
  2. Every day is tea day
  3. Soup season! My favorite food is soups of all kinds, but my husband doesn’t want to eat them in summer because it gets too hot. So as soon as it says September in my calendar, I declare it soup season and cook it several times a week.
  4. The colors. The flowers in the above picture was sent to me by my parents for my birthday and I absolutely fell in love with the colors. It was the most perfect fall-y bouquet I’ve ever seen 😍
  5. Candles and Chai latte and reading! We go through so many candles, but I love them. It makes everything instantly cosy!

So tell me: what’s your favorite thing about fall? πŸ™‚

Fall to-do list