Regaining Trust

Regaining Trust – now available

Regaining Trust is now released out in the wild and available for purchase. Yes, I know. Release day was yesterday. But Nell, why didn’t you post something about it on your blog yesterday? you ask. To that I say that it’s a valid question and the answer is that I have and haven’t got a reason.

I was away from home (without my laptop) visiting my two-week old grandbaby for the first time, so I was busy cuddling and kissing and being enraptured by her. That being said, I could have scheduled a post like responsible author. But I didn’t. You’d think I’m an amateur, but it is what it is 🙂

Anyway. Regaining Trust is now available, so if you’re in the mood for an intensely emotional story about two people deeply in love, trying to repair what was broken, this is the book for you.

When workaholic Lawrence Weller walks in on the aftermath of his fiancé Frankie cheating on him, his world shatters. Frankie’s the love of his life, the only person he’s ever trusted, and the betrayal leaves him devastated.

Franklin Ennis makes a huge mistake that he regrets deeply before it’s even over. He pleads for a second chance, willing to do whatever it takes to save their relationship.

A love that deep doesn’t just stop, so Lawrence agrees to try. But mistakes don’t happen in a vacuum. Are they both willing to own up to their part? Will their love be enough to repair what was crushed? Can trust once broken be rebuilt?

M/M Contemporary / 31 306 words