Writing Update

Writing Update

Hey everyone, I hope you had a lovely weekend! I did: I had a lovely birthday celebration on Friday with my husband, spent most of Saturday reading, and Sunday I cooked a yummy lunch and then did the edits for my upcoming release Regaining Trust. A perfect combination of lazy and busy. 

My parents sent me flowers for my birthday. Isn’t it a lovely, fall-y bouquet? 😍

I’ve continued my morning writing routine: I get up early every morning and meet my writing buddies online at 6AM my time, so I have lots of things going on. Let me tell you about them: 

Regaining Trust is of course available for pre-order. 

RT pinterest 2

Pre-order at JMS Books (20% off pre-orders)

My New Year’s Eve story, the one I told you about in an earlier post is finished and submitted to JMS Books. I named it Resolutions for an Arbitrary Holiday, it will be released on December 30, and I have a blurb. Wanna see? 

Two strangers, a twisted ankle, an ancient stone ship, and a New Year’s Eve they’ll never forget.

Petter sneaks out of the New Year’s party he didn’t want to go to and treks to an old burial site he’s dying to see. Alone. Without telling anyone on a freezing December night. Without cell service…a huge problem when he twists his ankle.

Someone passes by Isak’s house on the path leasing to the stone ship. When the person never returns, Isak worries and sets off to investigate. What he finds is Petter, a pack of sparklers, and an instant connection.

Under a starry sky, they learn they have a lot in common. Will the attraction burn hot and fizzle out like the fireworks going off over their heads when they return to the real world? Or will it deepen, grow, and turn into something real? Something everlasting like the stone ship?

Furthermore, I have two finished stories in various stages of edits. #SlidingIntoMyDMs is the name of one of them, for a JMS inhouse submission call, where the theme is love found on social media. My story is about two old acquaintances, Moss and Eddy, reconnecting on Instagram where Moss slides into Eddy’s DMs. It’s currently at 21500 words and almost ready for betas. 

The second story is called They Met in the Library, and it’s about Adrian the bowtie wearing librarian and Manne, a dyslexic. It’s currently at 17658 words and needs one more thorough edit before I can send it to betas. The story has been a bit of a bother, and I’ve struggled with wrestling it into shape, so I’m letting it rest for a couple weeks before the next edit. I need a bit of distance to it, to make sure I don’t miss anything. 

I’m also in the middle of writing a currently nameless story about Otis and Kirby, and a spoiled little dog named Princess. I scrolled past the image below in my Instagram feed a few weeks back, and it inspired me to write this story. 

inspiration current wip

Gay, Swedish artist Magnus Carlsson walking his new dog, holding an umbrella over the dog but not himself. 

I’m also on Pinterest now, if that’s your thing. One of my writing buddies says it’s her favorite social media place, so I thought “why not?” I’ve just recently started, though, and still trying to understand how it all works, so I don’t have a ton of content. But here’s the link if you want to follow me

Lots of updates today, and I’ll just throw in one more before I go. You haven’t forgotten about my super-short flashfic sequel to 9 Willow Street, right? 

9WS andthentheywerethree

Hannes and Mattis have been happily married and heartbound for two years when a tiny, one-eared rabbit shifter kit hops into their lives and seems reluctant to leave…

This free story is a short glimpse into Hannes and bunny shifter Mattis’ happily ever after.

M/M Paranormal / 2240 words