9 Willow Street

9 Willow Street: And Then They Were Three

Do you remember this summer, when I did this for JMS Books 10-year anniversary celebration? I did something else: I expanded the short flashfic and made it longer (still very short though!!) and my fabulous publisher agreed to do this:

9WS andthentheywerethree

Sequel to 9 Willow Street

Hannes and Mattis have been happily married and heartbound for two years when a tiny, one-eared rabbit shifter kit hops into their lives and seems reluctant to leave …

This free story is a short glimpse into Hannes and bunny shifter Mattis’ happily ever after.

M/M Paranormal / 2240 words



Yes, that’s right! The flashfic will be published! And it will be free! So if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t read blogs and missed the story, now’s your chance. Or if you just really love Hannes, Mattis, and the little rascal, and want the story on your e-reader so it’s yours forever.

Isn’t that just great?? 💃 (‹- me doing the happy dance)

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