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Sunday Book Recommendation

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know by now that I love poetry. I took a poetry writing course this summer, and then of course I wrote a book called Late Night Poetry, just to mention a couple things that might have tipped you off.Β  I also love reading poetry.

So when I found out that my publisher had published a few poetry books, I immediately wanted to read them. So today, my recommendation is for two poetry books written by two fellow authors published by JMS Books.

Naked Willem Schutte

β€œFrom within perfect darkness I have learned to shine.”

Heartbreak can leave even the strongest of men scarred. Like Icarus, I too flew too high and fell. That downward journey tore the fibre of my being and shredded my soul. The gauntlet of love should never be underestimated.

However, I had to get up again and rise like a phoenix from its proverbial ashes. And like a phoenix, I took to flight!

This is a poetic account of the journey I had to go through and a tribute to becoming a better man regardless.Β 

Buy links: JMS Books | JMS Books but print edition

Naked musings from a broken heart by Willem Schutte is exactly what it sounds like: poems about a broken heart. They are really lovely and full of emotions, and as an added bonus, there are a few pictures in the book of the author himself.

Several of the poems touched me deeply, and I’ll definitely buy the print version (because poetry is best read in print) as soon as Amazon starts delivering to Sweden again!

deciderous jt marie

Short chapbook of 36 poems which capture the ephemeral quality of nature. In these pages, autumn’s dying leaves crumple beneath winter’s shroud of snow, and the last fleeting days of the year slip away forever.

Tragic, melancholy, bittersweet … these poems embrace and revel in the changing seasons, which mirror so closely the rhythm of the human heart.

Buy link: JMS Books

Full disclosure: the author was extremely generous and gifted me this copy, but if she hadn’t I would have bought it anyway. I want to support JMS Books, my fellow authors, and I’m crazy about poetry, so it was a no-brainer really.

I love the way she writes about nature and seasons…or is it something else? Something deeper, something more human? That’s up to the reader to interpret, but I loved it.

I give both these poetry books my warmest recommendations, so if you love poetry, please buy them. We need more poetry in our lives 😍

Tell me: do you read poetry? If yes, tell me about your favorite poem.