Regaining Trust

Regaining Trust

A couple months back, I scrolled past an article in the news that was about how to stay together if your partner had been unfaithful. That sparked a whole slew of thoughts and questions in my mind, and I thought What if I’d write a story about an established couple where one of the MCs is unfaithful to the other because of reasons, but they don’t want to break up despite this? 

At first I discarded the idea, because I know how readers feel about infidelity. Heck, I’m one of them. But I’m also a sucker for second chances and I naïvely believe that love conquers all. And I also thought that if you love someone, really love someone, do you stop loving them because of an infidelity?

So I decided to explore all these questions, and that exploration turned into Regaining Trust.

Regaining trust blurb teaser 1

Regaining Trust is unusually angsty to be a Nell Iris story, but the theme demands angst. It’s also a bit longer than I usually write; it’s currently at about 30K words and I still have the final edits to do, so the word count is subject to change.

The story just poured out of me, to be honest. I thought it would be hard, since it’s a difficult topic and since I’m usually the Queen of Fluff, but this story wanted to be told. And I love Lawrence and Frankie and their determination; I hope you’ll give their story a chance. They deserve it.

can trust once broken be regained

The fabulous J.M. Snyder sometimes writes with me, Ofelia Gränd and A.L. Lester in our morning writing session whenever she can; she’s American and the rest of us are European, so we have a time zone issue to deal with.

Between sprints, we talk about what we’re writing, and I’ve spoken about my Lawrence and Frankie’s story of course. One morning, J.M. sent me a quote, said she’d thought of my story when she read it. And I agree. It fits perfectly.

So thanks, J.M. ❤️ I really appreciate the quote.

Here it is:

leguin quote 2 v2

I will post the cover and buy links as soon as I have them.

Tell me, how do you feel about infidelity in books?