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How to keep busy when the apocalypse is nigh

If you’re practicing social distancing like I am (it sounds so much better and more altruistic than “I’m a boring introvert who doesn’t want to leave the house”) and don’t know how to pass the time, here’s a handy bullet point list of things to do πŸ˜πŸ˜†

  • Notice how dusty your house is when the sun shines for the first time in forever
  • Make a cup of tea and try to ignore the dust
  • When you realize the dust really is EVERYWHERE (gaaaaaaah!)Β make a playlist full of songs that makes it impossible for you to sit still (today’s playlist at the end of this post)
  • Turn up the volume on the stereo (preferably a portable one you can bring along with you around the house) and start the playlist
  • Tackle the dust


(Why do I have to dust the whisky shelf? I don’t even drink whisky!)

  • Scrub the bathroom
  • Scrub the kitchen
  • Break for lunch
  • Sort papers, like old bills and stuff like that, and throw away whatever you don’t need to keep


(Isn’t it great that we brought old bills from 2012 with us from Malaysia. Very necessary!)

  • Organize the papers you do need to keep
  • Organize the bookshelf and get rid of eyesores like this:Β photo_2020-03-16_17-08-09
  • Speak with your daughter on the phone for close to 2 hours
  • Plan your upcoming WIP


  • Make dinner
  • Vacuum your office
  • Crash on the couch

Tomorrow is for book reading πŸ˜„

Stay safe ❀️

Here’s the playlist:

playlist 200316


2 thoughts on “How to keep busy when the apocalypse is nigh”

  1. I’m amazed how short that outline is! haha. I got at least a full week staying home starting today. I have accomplished the dusting task.


    1. That’s actually a very long outline for being me. I wouldn’t have written one at all if it hadn’t been for the fact it’s a project with Addison and LA Bryce and we have one thing that we need to co-ordinate in all three of our books…hence the outline! πŸ˜€


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