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Book recommendation and sale reminder

Happy Friday everyone! I hope your week has been better than mine: my husband caught a really nasty (really, really nasty!) stomach bug, so I had to spend the beginning of the week being his nursemaid instead of doing writerly things. He’s all better now and luckily it doesn’t seem like he passed it on to me at least, but his illness threw a wrench in my plans and now I have to play catch-up. So of course, I have a family thing this weekend and need to be away! Isn’t that just typical? Anyways: I have planned to spend the train ride editing my manuscript, so hopefully I won’t be too far behind come Monday.

Sorry about the woe-is-me intro, but you know how it is when Real Life interferes with your plans: everything gets effed up!

That being said; being my husband’s private nurse meant lots of time for reading, so I wanted to recommend a book to you. The lovely Rachel at Signal Boost Promo recommended it on Facebook and it sounded right up my alley. And it was, so now I’m passing along the recommendation to you guys:

30741230._SY475_Houston we have so many problems…

Curtis “Launchpad” Larkin’s career as an astronaut has had its share of ups and downs.

Alternately lauded as the single-handed savior of NASA and condemned as a reckless, hot-headed bully, Curt has been through the wringer of public opinion and come out on top. When he embarks on his final mission with NASA, Curt figures there’s no curveball that life has left to throw him.

But when the role of spacecraft communicator is passed to a young engineer back in Houston who he’s never met, Curt’s mission takes on a new trajectory.

“CAPCOM to commander. Do you read?”
Patrick Harte’s life is turned upside down when he’s called to fill in at mission control, working directly under his hero, Curtis Larkin.

Falling for Curt is just a small step for Patrick — but it’s one giant leap to think that the astronaut could ever return his feelings.

“The more I talk to you, the more I know that we understand each other.”
After Curt connects with Patrick from worlds away, he can’t imagine life on earth without the other man… Despite the fact that he’s never laid eyes on Patrick. And their problems won’t stop once he’s cleared for landing.

The bad-boy astronaut is no stranger to controversy — but will the genuine and soft-spoken man of his dreams be able to keep up with the trouble Curt seems to stir everywhere he goes?


I’m not doing an in-depth review, but if you like age-gap, long-distance (space-earth that’s what I call long distance!), and space, this is definitely the book for you. I was so caught up in it, I literally forgot to eat. I really loved it!! I mean: space…says the person who never reads sci-fi (but loves to watch it!), but this really worked for me!

And aren’t book recommendations the greatest gifts someone can give you? Granted, not all recs work for everyone (I was so sad that one time I bought a book for someone, who read it and thought Huh, what is this shit?), but when someone recommends The Perfect Match to you, don’t you just wanna go over to them and give them a big ole kiss of gratitude? 🙂

Before I leave you to go pack my suitcase and get ready for my trip, I want to remind you about the Smashwords sale that’s still going on. Now’s the time if you want to load up on cheap books for the weekend!

Here are some of my books in tropes/themes for you if you know what you’re specifically in the mood for 🙂 Otherwise, go to my author page and scroll away!

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