Book sale!

I’m here today to tell you about Smashwords’ Read an Ebook Sale. It started on March 1 and I’ve been a bad writer, neglecting to promote it for several days, but sometimes real life interrupts with writing plans and that’s what happened to me this week.

But better late and never and all that, so here’s the information you need to buy cheap books! πŸ™‚

Smashwords read an ebook week march 2020

All (except All I See) of my books are 50% off over at Smashwords for their Read an Ebook Sale. And isn’t that the greatest name of a sale you’ve ever heard? I’m completely in favor of reading ebooks!

Anyways. All my ebooks means collections and anthologies, too, so now’s a great time to get lots of bang for your buck.

Here’s the link to my author page on Smashwords. Clickety-click it and go shop! πŸ™‚


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