Late Night Poetry, Takeover

Pre-order and Facebook party

I have two fun things today:

First, the pre-order link for Late Night Poetry is now up on JMS Books website (Amazon and the others always take a bit longer)

And it’s on sale: all pre-orders are always 20% off so cyber-run over there and pick it up for just $1.59!! Link up above, and also underneath this fancy picture ๐Ÿ™‚

lnp tagline releaseday poem quote

Saying โ€œI love youโ€ to someone who says it first, isnโ€™t supposed to lead to a break-up, but thatโ€™s what happens to Sully and Lou. Sully is out and proud while Lou is in the closet, so when their relationship deepens, Lou runs.

But then Lou starts leaving emotional messages of remorse on Sullyโ€™s answering machine. Sully is torn between his love for Lou and his attempts to get over him. With each message, Louโ€™s regrets deepen. With each message, it becomes more difficult for Sully to forget him. With each message, Sully finds it harder toย wantย to move on.

Can old love poems and heartbreaking honesty help Sully and Lou find their way back to each other?

M/M Contemporary, approximately 10 000 words

Pre-order: JMS Books (20% off)

Second: on Wednesday February 26, I will attend a Facebook Party in Jackie Keswick‘s group Jackie’s Kitchen. Me and a bunch of other authors are celebrating the re-release of her The Power of Zero series, so why not come and hang out with us?


My spot is 7PM GMT (8PM CET / 2PM EST) and I’ll be there for 20 minutes. I can pretty much guarantee giveaways and shenanigans – doesn’t that sound like something you’d like to do on a Wednesday? ๐Ÿ™‚

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