About Nell

Updated blog

I’ve been neglecting my poor blog badly these last few months, but now I’ve finally given it some of the love it deserves. I’ve updated the coming soon section and removed the Christmas stories that have been released for months and months now and replaced them with Late Night Poetry. I’ve also updated the my books section and made sure all my published books are now on this tab.

On top of that, I’ve added a completely new tab. Looky here:


I’ve named it tropes because I wanted something short and snappy, but what it really is is genres, tropes, and themes. What I’ve done is categorizing my stories by genre, trope, and theme, much like fanfiction stories are organized on sites like AO3. (Look here for example if you don’t read fanfiction.)

The reason is that sometimes I (and I’m assuming I’m not the only one) just feel like reading a trope or theme and I wish that all books came with tags like the fanfiction ones, so this is a step towards that. I realize people can think this method is spoiler-y, but as someone who doesn’t hate spoilers (on the contrary, I seek them out) it’s perfect. But, if you’re a spoiler-hater, I recommend you don’t click the tab πŸ˜€

I will add more themes/tropes/genres as I write them.

If you’re not afraid of spoilers, clickety-click the tab and tell me what you think! πŸ™‚

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