Valentine’s Day sale!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone who celebrates, with or without partners, romantic or otherwise. Happy Friday to the rest of you lot!

My husband and I don’t do V-day. In our family, this day is the almost-birthday of our daughter. My due date was February 14, 1995, but since my kid had a mind of her own since the day she was conceived, she decided to stay inside me for a bit longer. 10 more days to be exact. So instead of wishing her happy V-day today, I always wish her “Happy Almost Birthday.” More personal, don’t you think? πŸ™‚

That being said, I’m not opposed to Valentine’s Day sales. Like the one over at my fabulous publisher JMS Books.


But instead of just celebrating love today, JMS decided to do a four day celebration! Wohoo for four day sales! As usual, pre-orders are included in the sale, so if you see something that tickles your fancy that isn’t released yet, just go for it.

Clickety-click this link to be transported to my author page over at JMS Books.

Or if you’re in the mood for a particular trope, here’s some help for you:

Cute bunny shifter | May/December | Established relationshipΒ | Second chances | Bittersweet | Best friend’s brother | Star-crossed lovers | Trapped together | 40+

vday recs

Here are some recommendations by other fabulous authors from me to you:

Vows box set by Addison Albright – because sales are the best time to buy box sets and because Addison is a wonderful writer that deserves more love!

Lether and Tea in London by K.L. Noone – because this series is WONDERFUL and I can’t wait for the third book. I’ve already pre-ordered it, but if you haven’t now’s the time.

Once and Floral by Kris T. Bethke – because weddings! And Kris T. Bethke. And I’ve beta read it and know it’s full of cuteness.

Dandelion by T.A. Creech – because look at that cover!! (full disclosure: I haven’t read it but I’m head over heels for the cover)

Chicken Soup by Mel Bossa – because you know I adore short stories and this one is exactly why!

Her Particular Friend by JL Merrow – because Jane Austen characters!! 😍