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Release day: Four Christmases

fourchristmasesWill a decade-old family feud and long held secrets stand in the way of love?

Auden Whipple is searching for a bit of peace and quiet from his loud family when he stumbles across the neighbor, Porter Eldin. Porter is scorching hot on a freezing Christmas Day, and nothing like Auden expected. A moment shared by the creek, begins a relationship that surprises them both.

As the Christmases pass, Auden and Porter’s relationship deepens. But the obstacle of the unresolved conflict between the Whipples and the Eldins makes Auden worried. Worried to tell his family of his new-found love, worried that the conflict will come between them.

Can two men truly in love help mend fences that have been broken for too long? Can the holiday spirit help Auden and Porter find their happily ever after?


Book Recommendations

Holiday book recommendations

I’ve read shockingly few holiday stories this year! I usually devour them like crazy, but I don’t know what’s been wrong with me this year. I hardly know who I am anymore! 😀

So I asked my kind friends on Facebook to recommend me some new holiday stories – preferably short and sweet – and I bought and read – and loved – two of the recommended books. Now I’m passing on the recommendation to you.


Let Your Heart Be Light (<- Amazon link) by J.R. Lawrie was just what the doctor ordered. It’s three short stories about two couples, the both couples are fabulous!! Kind of a Big Deal and The Farrington Club is about the same couple, Zach and Richard (the blue-haired guy and the bearded one on the cover), so read KoaBD first. I loved these two, but I have to admit that my favorite story was the one in the middle, For Services Rendered. Julian and David melted my heart, and if they don’t melt yours, you are probably the Grinch…or possibly dead.

And when you’ve read Julian and David’s story, check out this short, free continuation.

If you’re in the mood for sweet and incredibly romantic, this is the book for you.

Pattern for an Angel (<- Amazon link) by CJane Elliott, was lovely. Gabe is a wonderful, understanding single father, Loren is a femme man who is also a drag queen, and Gabe’s son Ian is a little boy who loves to wear dresses. If you’re in the mood for queer characters and a tale about acceptance and understanding, this is the book for you.

Tell me, have you read a particularly good holiday story this year that you want to recommend? 🙂

Nell Iris' Christmas

3 more days…

…until Four Christmases is released, and I thought you might like an excerpt?

4xmas blurb releaseday

Pre-order links:

JMS Books (20% off until December 27) | Amazon | Amazon UK | Kobo | Apple Books | B&N | Google Play


The chill is starting to make me feel sluggish and I bounce on my toes and shake out my hands in an attempt to warm up. “How are you not freezing to death?” I ask, gesturing at his hoodie. “You’re not even wearing a hat and you don’t have any hair.”

He chuckles and waggles his eyebrows. “I’m warm-blooded.”

“Mhm.” I sweep my gaze over him, from head to toe. One upside to what he’s wearing is that his clothing doesn’t hide much, and I like what I see. Wide shoulders. A broad chest. Narrow hips, beefy, drool worthy thighs, and muscular calves. I lick my lips before I come to my senses and quickly look away.

He bursts out laughing again. The sudden sound echoes between the trees and scares the birds into silence.

Crap. That was incredibly stupid, gawking at him like that. Especially considering what he just told me. I curl in on myself and hide my face in my scarf. “Sorry,” I mutter. “I didn’t mean to …” I let my voice trail off.

He finishes the sentence for me. “Check me out?”

“Yes. That.” I scowl at my own stupidity.

He takes a step closer to me. “Relax, honey. I’m nothing like them.” He lets his gaze fall to my lips.


“We have more in common than you think.”

My mouth falls open, but he shuts it carefully with a finger under my chin. He doesn’t remove his hand immediately; instead, he runs his finger through my soft beard, sending shivers down my neck.

He’s a little taller than me, and I like that. He’s broader, too, and rugged, all muscles and power. He makes me feel small next to him, but he’s not threatening. He holds himself in a way that tells me he’s aware of his strength, knows he can be intimidating, and doing his best not to scare me. His laughter is disarming, there’s something sensitive about his mouth, and his eyes are kind.

I can’t stop staring at him.

“You were very cute as a teenager,” he says, voice low and rumbly in his chest. “All gangly limbs and adorable awkwardness. And you grew up nice. Real nice.” After a final caress to my chin, he lets his arm fall to his side.

“You … you thought I was cute?”

He nods. “And interesting. I always wondered what you were drawing in that sketchbook you carried around everywhere.”

I don’t know what to say to that. I never noticed him paying me any attention — I never notice anyone paying me attention — and never thought about him like that when we were still somewhat on speaking terms. I don’t think I’ve seen him once since I went to college. “I still carry my sketchbook around,” I say, fighting the urge to roll my eyes at myself. My conversation skills are non-existent today.

“Are you an artist?”

“Yes. No!” I shake my head. “Um, maybe?”

“What does that mean?”

“It means I am an artist, but I have a day job to survive. At a desk. It’s boring and unfulfilling but it pays my bills. My dream is to illustrate children’s books, though. They are magical and make everyone happy.”

He smiles. “Have you ever done something like that?”

I shake my head. “Not really. I mean, I’ve done some covers for children’s books and I do other book covers, too, for indie authors mostly. But I keep trying.”

“I’d love to see your work some time.”

“You would?”

He nods.

“Okay.” Does he mean that? I hope he means that, I so want to see him again.

Four Christmases is also a part of a JMS Trio: Most Wonderful Time of the Year that also features stories by the lovely K.L. Noone and R.W. Clinger. So if you want a budget friendly solution, check out this collection.

mostwonderfultimeMost Wonderful Time of the Year contains three contemporary M/M holiday romances just in time for Christmas! Contains the stories:

Four Christmases by Nell Iris: Will a decade-old family feud and long held secrets stand in the way of love? Auden looks for peace and quiet when he meets Porter who’s nothing like Auden expected. A moment shared begins a surprising liaison. As their relationship deepens, Auden worries that the conflict between their two families will come between them. Can the holiday spirit help them find their happily ever after?

Gingerbread Dreams by K.L. Noone: Nate’s never entered a televised baking competition before. He’s good at gingerbread and adores the holidays. But one judge has a reputation for ice-cold critiques. Marcus demands perfection. Audiences love it, but he’s tired of being the bad guy. And Nate’s ginger treats make him want more. But they’ll have to resist temptation during the competition to achieve their Gingerbread Dreams …

Keeping Up with the Icicles by R.W. Clinger: Jonah Icicle and his boyfriend Sandy travel to Lake Erie to spend Christmas with Jonah’s family. But his pushy mother has a special gift for him: his ex-boyfriend, NFL quarterback Ricky, is in town and will be spending the holidays with them! Worse, she wants him to dump Sandy and marry the quarterback. Jonah finds himself torn between the two men. Which boyfriend will it be, new or old?

Pre-order link:

JMS Books (20% off until December 27)
About Nell

Life update

It’s been a month since I updated you on my life after the move, and things are less chaotic these days. The house is mostly done and my office is fabulous. Wanna see?


I haven’t really gotten used to having my own space yet; my desk used to be crammed between the couch and the dining table in the living room, so having all this space to myself is fabulous…and weird. But I’ll get used to it 🙂

So, what have I been doing, this last month in the cold and darkness of Sweden?


I’ve been drinking lots of glögg of course, because I’m a huge fan. I’ve had it just by itself, or with saffron buns and gingerbread cookies as in this picture.


I went to my daughter’s place and helped set up the tree. The theme for this year is velvet baubles and homemade old-fashioned garland 🙂


I woke up early on December 13 to watch Lucia, and had a traditional – and very nutritious 😀 – breakfast: tea with clementine, gingerbread cookies, and skumtomtar (it’s candy, literal translation is ‘foam Santas’, but check out this link if you’re curious.) 😀


…and I’ve been enjoying the advent calendar my daughter gave me. It’s not a traditional one with one door each day leading up to Christmas, rather it’s one envelope to open on every advent Sunday, and the envelope contains a tea and a Swedish classic short story in a tiny format. I’m loving it so hard. This is the third envelope and the tea tasted of oranges, and the short story by Agnes von Krusenstjerna was wonderful, and the ultimate proof that you don’t need more than 27 tiny pages to make Nell Iris cry in her tea.

So as you see, I’m surviving the cold by various hot beverages and lots of candles. I’m liking it 🙂

How is your December so far?


Nell Iris' Christmas

Is the weather outside frightful?

…and are you spending all your heard-earned money on Christmas gifts and your budget doesn’t allow for frivolous book purchases for yourself?

If the answer to those questions are yes, and you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can always cheer yourself up by reading my Christmas story Unexpected Christmas without paying extra – it’s included in your KU subscription.

So why not take an hour for yourself with a nice cup of tea (or heck, glass of wine – it is Friday after all!) and curl up on the couch with Ax and Daniel’s story?

blurb ku bigger textClickety-click here for Amazon link

If you don’t have KU and want to splurge on a story about Daniel who has a tendency to blurt out what’s on his mind without thinking, and Ax who looks like a dangerous ax-murderer but really is a giant teddy-bear, here are the rest of the buy links:

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