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It’s been a month since I updated you on my life after the move, and things are less chaotic these days. The house is mostly done and my office is fabulous. Wanna see?


I haven’t really gotten used to having my own space yet; my desk used to be crammed between the couch and the dining table in the living room, so having all this space to myself is fabulous…and weird. But I’ll get used to it πŸ™‚

So, what have I been doing, this last month in the cold and darkness of Sweden?


I’ve been drinking lots of glΓΆgg of course, because I’m a huge fan. I’ve had it just by itself, or with saffron buns and gingerbread cookies as in this picture.


I went to my daughter’s place and helped set up the tree. The theme for this year is velvet baubles and homemade old-fashioned garland πŸ™‚


I woke up early on December 13 to watch Lucia, and had a traditional – and very nutritious πŸ˜€ – breakfast: tea with clementine, gingerbread cookies, and skumtomtar (it’s candy, literal translation is ‘foam Santas’, but check out this link if you’re curious.) πŸ˜€


…and I’ve been enjoying the advent calendar my daughter gave me. It’s not a traditional one with one door each day leading up to Christmas, rather it’s one envelope to open on every advent Sunday, and the envelope contains a tea and a Swedish classic short story in a tiny format. I’m loving it so hard. This is the third envelope and the tea tasted of oranges, and the short story by Agnes von Krusenstjerna was wonderful, and the ultimate proof that you don’t need more than 27 tiny pages to make Nell Iris cry in her tea.

So as you see, I’m surviving the cold by various hot beverages and lots of candles. I’m liking it πŸ™‚

How is your December so far?


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