Nell Iris' Christmas

Cover reveal

As I told you a while back, I requested the rights back for my Dreamspinner Press advent calendar, Red Popcorn Strings and Gumball Rings. But now the time has come (or soon at least) to re-release it.

My fabulous publisher JMS Books kindly agreed to re-release Casey and Ellis’s story and it will be released on December 7. And I have the new cover. Wanna see?

redpopcornstrings JMS

Isn’t it cute?? 😍😍 I love it so much; it’s so much better suited to the story than the generic DSP cover was.

I’ll post the pre-order links as soon as they’re available.

And if you’re new to my writing and my blog and wonder Red Popcorn whatnow? here’s the blurb 😀

Young couple Ellis and Casey’s Christmas is set to be a lean one. Struggling financially, they’re only able to manage the most basic needs for their holiday celebration. They can’t afford luxuries like a turkey. Or decorations. Or presents. Between the recent death of Casey’s beloved momma, and Ellis’ estrangement from his family, all they have is each other.

When Ellis finds the saddest looking Christmas tree south of the Mason-Dixon line thrown outside his workplace and brings it home to Casey, things look up. Because what more do you need to have a Merry Christmas than enthusiasm, ingenuity, and someone to love?