About Nell

My chaotic life

Hi everyone. I’m in Sweden now…or actually I’ve been here since November 9th, but my life has been a giant whirlwind of chaos since I arrived. Who ever said it was easy moving across the world? No one? Okay, sounds about right.

I thought you might like to see a few pictures, if for no other reason than to feel sorry for me and my current situation? πŸ™‚


We brought a few bags with us on the plane, heh. Not more than about 250 pounds worth of stuff. Uuuuugh, that was no fun at all.

When we landed, we stayed at a hotel first because we didn’t get the keys to our new place until the 12th. And after that we stayed for a few more days because we had lots of admin stuff to do (like visiting the Swedish version of IRS to write ourselves back into the country and a gazillion other equally unfun things) and couldn’t focus on moving in.


When we got the keys, we didn’t have any stuff (except for the 250 pounds of stuff we brought on the plane, but we couldn’t sleep on any of that) so we went to Ikea to buy what we decided not to bring on the boat and instead buy new here.


…and we bought all the things. And this wasn’t even half of it. We had to go back the next day, and then they didn’t have what we needed so we ended up ordering some stuff online that will be delivered on Saturday. A new desk for me, among other things. Can’t wait!


After all the unpacking, it looked like Ikea had vomited on our living room floor.

photo_2019-11-19_13-25-53And this is the current state of affairs while we wait for the container of stuff to arrive from Malaysia (on or around December 7). How do you like our very fancy dining table?? πŸ˜‚Β But at least we have a new (very nice!) bed to sleep in, enough things to cook with, and this table is better than having dinner on the floor, don’t you agree?

But OMG I miss my things. My desk things, my books, my vinyl records. My fancy office chair. My teas! So if someone could please tell the boat transporting our things to hurry, I’d be forever grateful! πŸ˜€