Family Found Series


“This was a sweet, fast paced, low angst story that I really enjoyed and can’t wait for the next book.”


Liam O’Donoughue is happy with his life. He runs V Wilderness Adventures with his best friends, his chosen brothers, and gets to spend his days hiking in the gorgeous Adirondacks. What’s not to love? But when he meets Austin on a hike, he thinks he’s found something he didn’t even know was missing.

Austin Jock is content with his work as a radiology tech and playing bass in a cover band. Someday he wants to find his forever person but doesn’t believe in romantic fireworks and isn’t sure it’ll ever happen. Then Liam comes crashing into his life, igniting sparks. Huge, life-altering sparks.

The connection between the two men is instant, and things move fast. But Austin isn’t sure what to do with everything he’s feeling inside. Can Liam convince him falling in love is the easiest thing in the world?

M/M Contemporary / 34 305 words

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As Austin relaxed, he smiled more, and his body lost that tight posture. He leaned against me a little as the evening wore on, and when he started to shiver, I put my arm around him. The soft sigh he gave was one of the sweetest sounds I’d ever heard. I wanted to push him down onto the ground and devour him, taste and touch every inch of his delectable skin. But it was much too soon for that, and I definitely didn’t want to do it with an audience.

Eventually, he pulled out his phone, woke it up, and sighed. He turned into me so his entire side was pressed against my chest and tilted his head back, so he could look into my eyes.

“I have to go. I’ve got an early-ish shift tomorrow.”

Acute disappointment flooded my veins. But I nodded.

“Let me walk you to your car,” I murmured.

He nodded and stood. It took a little bit to say goodbye. I appreciated the enthusiasm Everett gushed over him, and I was pleased to see Drew give him a warm handshake. Finally, we moved out of the ring of firelight and ambled toward his car. Neither one of us seemed in a hurry for things to end.

“So, uh.” Austin cleared his throat, and then whispered so softly it was barely audible. “Poop.”

I laughed quietly, and reached out, tilting his face up. “Thanks for coming. I really wanted to see you.”

Austin sucked in a breath and held it, then let it out in a rush of words, “Was this a date?”

It took me a second to understand, because he’d spoken so fast I almost couldn’t make out what he said. But when I did, my grin was so wide my face hurt.

“Well, I certainly thought it was. I definitely wanted it to be. What’s your verdict?”

He gave a shaky laugh. “Me, too.”

“Good.” I cautiously took a step closer, wanting to be in his space, and he let me. He even lifted a hand and placed it on my waist. I cursed the layers between us. I wanted to feel his touch on my skin.

“Do you maybe want to do it again? Uh, go on a date, I mean?”

“No maybe about it. I definitely want to do it again.”

Austin nodded, opened his mouth, and then shut it again. He shook his head, mouthed a word I couldn’t make out in the dimness, and then said, “Can I cook for you?”

“I would love that,” I said fervently.

“Oh. Good.” Austin’s smile bloomed on his face, and for a long minute, I was captivated by his full, kissable mouth. I almost didn’t hear what he said next. “I have Tuesday off. Want to come over?”

“Just tell me what time.”

Austin laughed, and I swore it sounded like music. “I’ll text you as soon as I figure out what to make. You don’t have any allergies, do you?”

“Not to food.”

“Good. Then. Tuesday?”


Austin sucked in another breath, kissed my cheek again with one of those fleeting, butterfly kisses, and then scrambled to get in his car. I couldn’t keep the grin off my face as I waved him on and stood there until his car disappeared around the bend in the drive.

In My Arms Again, Writing Update

Writing update

Hi everyone! Did you have a nice weekend? It was a long time since I did a writing update here on the blog (not since August 19) so I thought you might want to know what’s going on with me now.

For the first time all year, I don’t have a deadline, so I’ve actually given myself some time off from writing these last few weeks. I submitted Four Christmases to JMS Books on September 30th, and since then I haven’t written a word. I’ve also neglected the blog and social media in general, but I warned you about that here.

And seriously, I need a break. When 2019 is over, I will have released 11 books. Granted, one is co-written with Kris T. Bethke, two of them is under 10K words, and one is a re-release, but still. I think I deserve a break, don’t you? 🙂

I think I know what to write next, but I’ll tell you more about that when I’ve decided. But until then: it’s only five days until my Pegasus shifter story is released! 🙂

cover, tagline, preorder now

Trapped in a growing sense of restlessness, Oxen the hunter is lonely. Feeling like he’s waiting for something—or someone—he’s unable to focus on getting ready for winter. But when a handsome and very ill stranger collapses on his doorstep, everything changes.

The stranger, Vinge, is from a Pegasus family but has never been able to transform. As soon as he awakens, both men feel an instant connection, and it grows deeper as Oxen nurses him back to health. Something profound within each man calls out to the other, but neither of them knows what it is.

The questions surrounding Vinge and their deepening relationship are many. Why is Vinge so familiar to Oxen when they clearly have never met? Why are they both reluctant to take the first step to a real commitment?  And what will it take for the true depth of their connection be revealed?


PRE-ORDER NOW: JMS BOOKS (20% OFF) | Amazon | Amazon UK |  KOBO | Apple Books | B&N |

Released individually, but also included in Legendary Loves volume 2, with two other stories:

Addison promo 3

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Legendary Loves vol 2 | In My Arms Again | The Murky Depths | Weekend at Bigfoot’s

Book Recommendations

If all you have is a few minutes, pt 2

Back in August, I recommended three of JMS Books’ “Hot Flashes” (i.e. very short stories, under 5000 words) that I had read and loved. And since Sundays are the perfect day for reading and a cup of tea and laziness, I bought and read no less than five Hot Flashes today. They were all excellent, so I thought I’d tell you about them in case you happen to be in the mood for something short and well-written that will warm your heart.

october spice (2)This story made me fall in love with autumn and I want to eat everything Evan bakes. 


Evan Goldman loves fall, October, and Halloween. He’s decorated his bakery, he’s made cinnamon-pumpkin cupcakes, and he’s spending his day off inventing a new cake recipe. He isn’t expecting customers, and he’s busy with chocolate and ginger.

But a delivery mix-up has a customer knocking at Evan’s door. Matt’s right out of Evan’s fantasies: a deliciously adorable off-duty firefighter who compliments his cupcakes and makes Evan smile, and looks at him like Evan’s the tastiest treat of all.

They’ve only just met, but Matt might bring all of Evan’s fantasies to life … with extra spice.

Buy link: JMS Books

sea change (1)

Warning: keep the Kleenex box nearby!


Nis. His name had been Nis.

Those three little letters are still carved on Taer’s heart, etched deep so the tide and time won’t wash them away. Nis, the other half of his soul. Then the storms came, and Nis was gone.

So why can Taer hear his laughter on the wind?

Buy link: JMS Books

3 hot flashes

Two very different ninth anniversaries, two friends finally admitting how they feel after ten years, and two men daring to open up and share their feelings after an accident. What’s not to love?

Buy links (JMS Books):

The Nine Year Bar | Dare to Venture | He Ain’t Heavy

Coming Soon, In My Arms Again, JMS Trio Collection

One more week…

It’s just one more week until you get to meet Oxen and Vinge (and the other guys in the Legendary Loves vol 2 collection). So I thought you might want some pre-order links and a mood board?

cover, tagline, blurb


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moodboard in my arms again

Pre-order Legendary Loves vol 2 Trio collection or the individual stories now, so you can download them directly when you wake up on Saturday the 19th.

PRE-ORDER LINKS (20% off pre-orders at JMS Books):

Legendary Loves vol 2 | In My Arms Again | The Murky Depths | Weekend at Bigfoot’s

Addison promo 3


While Keston enjoys his occasional video game tournaments with the kid across the hall, he’s grown tired of the daily grind of his job. With a bit of a push from his boss, he heads out for a weekend at his family’s cabin in Kona Woods. A little time away from the hustle and bustle sounds like just the thing he needs.

Turns out he isn’t alone, though, as there are others lurking in the shadows. When a near-death experience brings Ness waltzing into his life, everything Keston thought he knew is turned upside down, and he runs in fear.

But will facing what scares him bring to Keston’s life what it’s missing most?


It wasn’t supposed to be REAL! Bigfoot doesn’t actually exist. Yetis, shifters, creatures of the night … none of those exist. Right? Right?

There’s nothing about perky—some might even say twinky—Oliver Hughes that would make a skeptic like Sensational News’ (Never Fake! We Swear!) reporter Wilson Banks think otherwise. But while pursuing soundbites for a tabloid story about Bigfoot, Wilson witnesses something he wasn’t meant to see.

In Wilson’s new reality, is there room for love with someone whose dreams are as big as his … er … feet?

This fun novella has a paranormal twist, a hint of mystery, and a flavorful dollop of romantic comedy. Mix it all together for a satisfying HEA!

Top 5

Nell’s Top Five


Nell’s Top Five

…things that make me happy

Sometimes it’s all about the little things. Tell me about something that makes you happy!

  1. The hashtag #middleschoolbooks on Instagram. Middle school books are so colorful and happy and make me smile
  2. Fresh croissants and a pot of my favorite green Earl Grey for breakfast
  3. Discovering new favorite songs from albums you’ve listened to for years and years. Like this one for example, Lucky by Radiohead, taken from OK Computer, an album I’ve absolutely adored from it’s release in 1997. But not until recently did I understand the greatness of this song.

  4. Coffee-flavored good morning kisses when you’re barely awake
  5. Poetry books. One day I’m going to have an entire bookshelf full of them, but for now, these are all I own