9 Willow Street, In My Arms Again, JMS Trio Collection, Sale

Halloween Sale @ JMS Books

Do you like paranormal but not horror? Sweet instead of scary? A fluffy bunny shifter instead of a werewolf? Or a troubled pegasus instead of blood-thirsty vampires?

halloween sale at JMS BooksIf your answer to all the above questions is “yes” – why not take advantage of JMS Books Halloween sale and buy 9 Willow Street (bunny shifter) and/or In My Arms Again (troubled pegasus)? All ebooks are 40% off Thursday and Friday, so if you plan on curling up on the couch with a good book after the trick-or-treating is done, devouring the leftover Halloween candy (you did buy enough so you got leftovers for yourself, right?), now’s the perfect time to indulge in cheap books!


Link to my author page with all my stories: AUTHOR PAGE

ll halloween sale (2)

And of course all ebooks are on sale, which makes it a supremely great opportunity to buy Legendary Loves volume 2 – the JMS Trio with stories by me, Addison Albright, and Kassandra Lea featuring a troubled pegasus, a kilt-wearing sea monster, and Bigfoot with…eh dangly-bits. Three stories for the price of one, or even less than one!! What are you waiting for, clickety-click the links below to read more and to buy the books.


Legendary Loves vol 2 | In My Arms Again | The Murky Depths | Weekend at Bigfoot’s

halloween sale jms official graphic

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