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Cover reveal: In My Arms Again

Want to see something pretty? I’m going to assume the answer is yes and post it here πŸ™‚

The other day, I got the cover for my upcoming release In My Arms Again, and I squealed like a little girl when I saw it, because look how pretty it is!! 😍😍 I love it so, so much!!

in my arms again


Trapped in a growing sense of restlessness, Oxen the hunter is lonely. Feeling like he’s waiting for somethingβ€”orΒ someoneβ€”he’s unable to focus on getting ready for winter. But when a handsome and very ill stranger collapses on his doorstep, everything changes.

The stranger, Vinge, is from a Pegasus family but has never been able to transform. As soon as he awakens, both men feel an instant connection, and it grows deeper as Oxen nurses him back to health. Something profound within each man calls out to the other, but neither of them knows what it is.

The questions surrounding Vinge and their deepening relationship are many. Why is Vinge so familiar to Oxen when they clearly have never met? Why are they both reluctant to take the first step to a real commitment?Β  And what will it take for the true depth of their connection be revealed?

M/M Historical Paranormal Fantasy / 21 809 words

Release day: October 19, 2019

This story will be sold separately, but also included in a JMS Books Trio collection, but I’ll talk more about that another day. The release day for both the story and the Trio is October 19. I’ll post more information and buy links when I have them.

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