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Nell’s Top Five


Nell’s Top Five

…Poems I’ve Printscreened From Instagram

Recently I’ve been cleaning up my social media accounts; getting rid of stuff that doesn’t make me happy and instead replacing it with stuff that does. So there are lots of poetry and books and music in my Instagram feed at the moment, things that are important to me and that makes me happy instead of irritated.

One thing I do love about Instagram is all the poets popping up. I feel like poetry has been a dying art form, that no one except me cares about any longer (yes, that’s an exaggeration ofc, but it felt like it) and I’ve been sad to learn that some bookstores doesn’t even carry poetry books anymore. Now, however, it’s on the rise because of Instagram. And since I don’t like the loooooong poems that go on forever and ever (anything longer than a sonnet needs to be really freaking good for me to read it), Instagram is perfect. There’s only so many lines you can fit in a small square space πŸ™‚

So today, I’m giving you the top five poems I’ve printscreened in my phone (since May this year when I bought a new phone). I hope you enjoy!

  1. (@rupikaur_)
  2. (@atticuspoetry)
  3. (@perrypoetry)
  4. (@beautaplin)
  5. (@mazadohta)
    photo_2019-08-05_13-05-17 (3)