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Today, I’ve stolen a tag from the internet, Bookish This or That.

Audio book or text book?

Text book. I’m a really fast reader and the narration in audio books are waaaaay too slow for me. My concentration wanders and the story just becomes annoying droning in the background and I can’t keep up with the plot. Audio books aren’t for me. That being said, I’m very happy audio books exist. I have a friend in Sweden who hadn’t read a book since he graduated high school, but now he’s discovered audio books and has started reading. It’s great!

Paperback or hardback?

Paperback. I like the look of a well-read and -loved paperback book. Plus, they’re cheaper.

Fiction or Non-Fiction?

Both. I read mostly fiction, but I enjoy both.

Harry Potter or Twilight?

Harry Potter. I mean, I read and enjoyed Twilight back in the day (at least the two first books), but they haven’t stayed with me like the HP books has. I have Funko-pop Snape on my desk watching over me when I work and I spend hours and hours reading HP fanfiction. So definitely Harry Potter!

Bookshop or online?

I buy most of my books online because I read mostly ebooks. But nothing beats wandering around in a bookshop, touching the books, thumbing through them, and enjoying the new book smell.

Standalone or trilogy?

Standalone, please.

Sweet and short or heavy and long?

It’s clear whoever came up with these question doesn’t know me. Sweet and short, of course! πŸ™‚

Cosy read or reading in the sun?

Yes. I read everywhere and all the time.

Hot chocolate or coffee?


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