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Theo and Kieran have been together for five years. They’re very happy…behind closed doors. Theo accepted from the start that Kieran isn’t out to his conservative parents and has a lot to lose if they find out about his sexuality.

But a moment of sadness at a wedding changes things. Theo is faced with a decision: live the rest of his life in secret…or break it off.

Or is there a third alternative?

M/M contemporary, 4633 words

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When he hooks his index finger with mine, I finally lose control over my threatening tears and say the words we both know are true, but have never been spoken out loud. “I want what Seamus has,” I whisper. “I want to get married, too.”

“I know, baby.” He laces his fingers with mine.

“Don’t!” I try to pull free, but he’s too strong and refuses to let go. “What if someone sees us?”

“I don’t care.”

I glare at him. “Of course, you do.”

He shakes his head and grabs my other hand, too. “Not anymore. I also want what Seamus has.” He lowers his head until his mouth is next to my ear. “I want to get married to the love of my life.”

More tears spill down my cheeks. “Don’t toy with me, Kieran. You heard your father. He wants you to find a wife. A wife. Not a flaming gay husband.”

I want a flaming gay husband.” He cups my cheeks. His hands are huge and cover most of my face, and with gentle thumbs, he brushes away the wetness under my eyes. “I want you.”