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39347033Last month, Alex Barrow’s whole life imploded—partner, home, job, all gone in forty-eight hours. But sometimes when everything falls apart, better things appear almost like magic. Now, he’s back in his Michigan hometown, finally opening the bakery he’s always dreamed of. But the pleasure of opening day is nothing compared to the lonely and beautiful man who bewitches Alex before he even orders.

Corbin Wale is a weirdo. At least, that’s what he’s heard his whole life. He knows he’s often in a fantasy world, but the things he feels are very real. And so is the reason why he can never, ever be with Alex Barrow. Even if Alex is everything he’s always fantasized about. Even if maybe, just maybe, Corbin is Alex’s fantasy too.

When Corbin begins working at the bakery, he and Alex can’t deny their connection any longer. As the holiday season works its magic, Alex yearns for the man who seems out of reach. But to be with Alex, Corbin will have to challenge every truth he’s ever known. If his holiday risk pays off, two men from different worlds will get the love they’ve always longed for.

“Corbin,” Alex murmured. And he imagined that Corbin had been right when he said that a name gives power over the named. He imagined that he could speak Corbin’s name over and over until the man was his. “Corbin,” he said again, leaning closer.

Sometimes, I’m contrary when it comes to popular things like books or movies or TV shows. If everyone adores something, I tend to steer clear of it. I don’t really know why, maybe it’s an innate need in me to be different from everyone else and like more obscure things. Things that not everyone know about and that aren’t praised as though they’re the next big scientific discovery like life on earth.

So when everyone was gushing about The Remaking of Corbin Wale last year, I bought it…and didn’t read it. It’s been sitting on my virtual book shelf all year, collecting cyber dust, feeling unloved. Until a few days before Christmas, when I scrolled through my book folder in Dropbox to find something to read, and chose Corbin Wale.

And was completely blown away.

Corbin Wale is truly one of the most unique characters I’ve ever read. He lives in his own world, something that the rest of the world makes fun of him for, bullied him for in school and even as an adult. Adults in school told him he’s mentally ill, but he’s really not. He’s just different. Not raised as other people, he’s raised without boundaries and without rules, and doesn’t conform well to the rules when he encounters them. He’s been taught to believe in magic, and he knows it’s real.

Alex is just what Corbin needs. He’s instantly drawn to Corbin and it’s much more than attraction. And where other people are rude to Corbin and dismiss him as crazy, Alex listens and believes in him. He’s patient and takes his time wooing him, afraid to scare him off.

The Remaking of Corbin Wale is 218 pages of pure magic. The language, the characters, the plot, everything is crafted with skill. The simplest words are woven together in a magical way that tugs at my heart and make me cry or smile or despair. The book is so full of emotion, I couldn’t keep it inside. “Get me my cuddly elephant,” I sobbed to my husband when my heart poured out of my eyes, and when he gave it to me, I hugged it tightly until I finished the book.

Panic gripped Alex as he stared at the empty space and his own outstretched hands. He didn’t know what he’d done, but it had ripped Corbin from him, turning intimacy to distance, and pleasure to fear. He’d reached for something gossamer, and he’d shredded it with rough hands. The most beautiful kiss he’d ever shared had turned to dust in his mouth.

The story is beautiful, the writing is beautiful, and the characters are beautiful. I’m sorry that my words aren’t enough to convey how deeply I loved this book, you just have to trust me when I say I give it my warmest recommendations.

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Awakenings and French Songs, Sale, Super Short

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I thought we’d celebrate with a book sale (details about the sale is at the end of the post) and a short story featuring two guys you know by now: Iggy and Ronan from Awakenings & French Songs.

I hope you all have a great day, and I hope that you enjoy this little sneak peek into Iggy and Ronan’s future. ❤️

Valentine’s Day & French Songs

“What’s all this?”

Ronan’s voice startles me out of my close inspection of our dinner table, and I squint at him. “What does it look like?” I bark, cross my arms over my chest, trying to hide the nervous flutter in my stomach.

He steps closer to the table; his eyes taking in the flickering tea lights, the fancy place settings with the huge red wine glasses he loves so much, and the bottle of Bordeaux decanting in his Grandmother’s old crystal carafe. There are no roses though, I draw the line at clichés such as roses and heart-shaped chocolate.

“It looks like a romantic dinner.” He steps closer to me, nudging my shoulder with his arm. “But that can’t be it, can it? Surely Iggy Wilker wouldn’t do something as banal as a romantic dinner for his partner on Valentine’s Day?” He clutches a strand of imaginary pearls and flutters his eyelashes.

“Shut up,” I grumble and slide my hand around his waist, burying my nose in his upper arm and inhale his scent.

“If I remember what you told me last year correctly,” he continues and flings his arm around my shoulders, “the only way Iggy Wilker, gay party-boy extraordinaire, will ever spend Valentine’s Day is with go-go boys in red skimpy underwear or giving head in a public bathroom.”

I tilt my head back and shoot him a glare. But the impish look in his eyes tell me he’s enjoying himself far too much and there’s only one way to shut him up. So I reach up, cup the back of his head, pull him down, and kiss him.

It’s hot and wet and eager and dueling tongues and clashing lips, and my knees go weak when he moans.

When I pull back, his eyes pupils are blown, his lips puffy, and his mouth stretched in a wide, sunny smile. He wraps his arms around me and crushes me against his body.

I cuddle close, resting my cheek on his chest. The beat of his heart is strong and steady in my ear. His hands wander up and down my spine and he presses a kiss on the top of my head.

“I did it for you,” I blurt.


“This. I did it for you. Because I’d do anything for you, even celebrate fucking Valentine’s Day.”

“Oh Iggy,” he says in a shaky voice and tightens his grip on me.

I look up and meet his gaze. “I wanted to do something special since Emery is with Maya.”

He meets my gaze and cradles my face in his hands. “Every day with you is special.”

“You’re a sap.” I rise to my toes and brush my lips against his before letting him go and pulling out a chair. He sits. and then knits his eyebrows together as though he just thought of something. “You didn’t cook, did you?” he asks with alarm in his voice, peering out into the kitchen.

I chuckle. “Honey, no. I’m trying to wine and dine you. Not burn our house down and poison you.”

He laughs, eyes crinkling with happiness and glittering with mirth, making my heart stutter in my chest.

“Pour us some wine and I’ll go get the food,” I say.

On the way to the kitchen, I press play on the stereo. A moment later, I rejoin the love of my life, hands laden with food, accompanied by Edith Piaf singing Je ne regrette rien.

I couldn’t agree more.

vday sale

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Finding The One

My precioussssss…

Yesterday, I got a delivery.


What’s in this huge box?




Look at this pile of pretty 😍😍

Receiving this package, holding a physical copy of my book in my hands, is one of the best moments in my life, trumped only by my family. I mean. WOW. I did this.

Now I REALLY need to practice my autograph, right? 🙂

Finding The One – blurb and buy links

Four short contemporary gay romances by best-selling M/M author Nell Iris about finding — and holding on to – “The One.” Collected together in an exclusive box set for the first time are the stories: 

Unconditionally: After six years together, Luca and Gus are finally getting married. On their wedding day Luca’s mother sees her flamboyant son wearing a veil and explodes. Her hateful words trigger traumatic memories and instead of walking down the aisle, Luca runs away. When Gus realizes Luca is missing he follows him, intent on convincing him to come back. Will he succeed in time for the wedding ceremony?

Find His Way Home: Elliot is miserable living in the big city. He longs for tranquility but is unwilling to move away from his partner Mick. After a dramatic event, he flees and goes back home to a cabin in the mountains. Slowly he regains his calm, but being away from Mick is hard. When a ghost from Elliot’s past shows up, he’s faced with a hard decision: stay on the mountain alone or go back to the city, and Mick?

Nobody Else’s: Beckett Cooper has been secretly infatuated with his BFF’s younger brother Levi for years. Levi Byrne has liked Beckett for as long as he can remember. When an opportunity presents itself for them to get to know each other better, they both grab it and make the best of it. Will the stars align in their favor and lead Beckett and Levi to a happily ever after?

Unexpected Christmas: Thrown together by family drama, strangers Daniel and Axel end up spending Christmas Day getting to know each other. Axel is nothing like Daniel expected. Behind the scary-looking exterior, he hides the heart of a teddy bear and between Disney princesses and erotic poetry, Daniel no longer fears for his life … but for his heart.

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About Nell

Pictures from Sweden

I’ve been talking about my trip to Sweden for a while, and I thought you might like to see some pictures? I’ve posted pictures on Instagram from my trip, too, but except for one or two, these on the blog haven’t been published before.

So, here’s what I did in Sweden.

emirates bar

Drank bubbly in the business class bar on the plane.


Traveled from Malaysia to Sweden and visited the Malaysian embassy.

skriva på cafe

Wrote at a café, because apparently books don’t write themselves and deadlines are a real thing.


Grumbled about all the snow. Ugh.


Paid a visit to the house I used to live in before I moved to Malaysia. It’s not visible in this picture (I’m standing right next to it, taking this photo), but this is the street I lived on.

fina hus

Took the long way to the grocery store so I could look at all the old houses that I love so much.


Fika – of course!!


Had to go to the bathroom at the train station and was flabbergasted when they wanted me to pay by texting or downloading an app. In Malaysia when there’s a fee to use the bathroom, someone actually sits outside and takes my money. 🙂


Ate homemade elephant ginger bread cookies at my mom’s house.


Giggled at my sister-in-law’s ingenuity. This is their graduation gift to my daughter. We (me and my husband) gave her a trip to Iceland as a gift (it’s on the top of my daughter’s bucket list) and my parents and brother’s family gave her this, for the trip. Pocket money, get it? My SIL actually stole one of my brother’s pockets from his jeans and stuffed it full of money. So funny.


Realized that if you’re married to a musician, he takes his instruments with him everywhere he goes. Even halfway across the world 🙂


Was fascinated by this emergency phone I found in an old elevator. Don’t worry, they had a modern phone, too, but I’m glad they saved the old one.


Drank tea as I watched the full moon and pink sky, waiting for the sun to rise.


Celebrated my husband’s nephew’s 11th birthday. I couldn’t eat the cake (I’m not allowed to eat dairy) but judging from the noises the other people made when they ate it, it was delicious 🙂


Received a love declaration from someone when I took out the garbage. I love you, too, unknown person! (What do you mean it wasn’t meant for me? How do you know? 😀 )


Grumbled some more about the snow.


And the whole reason for the trip: I attended my daughter’s university graduation ceremony. And if you’re wondering which one of these happy people is my daughter, she’s the one who’s cutest and smartest and loveliest. 😍 I’m sure you can pick her out in the crowd after that spot-on description 😀

That’s all. Have a great Monday!

Release Blitz

New release and #giveaway: Okay, Then by Addison Albright

okay then


Publisher: JMS Books, LLC
Cover Art: Written Ink Designs
Release Date: February 9, 2019
Length: Short Story / 2,614 words
Heat Rating: 3 flames / Moderate


Okay, then…that’s what Sam said after Henry convinced him he was interested in dating, not merely a fling while together on a research trip to the Solomon Islands. And so they embark on their first date, but the conditions are not ideal.

Henry is desperate to convince his crush of his sincerity but second guesses his every move. He’s thrilled to discover Sam is just as anxious to impress him. Can these two work through their first-date jitters or are they destined to drift apart?



okay then graphic 2

Author’s Note:

Revisiting the main characters from ’Til Death Do Us Part, this short story takes place within the timeline of the flashback scenes from that novel, detailing Sam & Henry’s first date/encounter after Sam tells Henry “Okay, then” while they’re together on a research trip in Honiara in the Solomon Islands. It’s a short story written to be able to stand alone, with its own HFN.


“Okay, then.” That’s what Sam had said. His leg had bounced like it always did when he was nervous. It was endearing, and one of the things that drew me to him. His grin was another. I melted a little each time he leveled it in my direction, which had made it incredibly hard to hide my attraction. That ship had now sailed. For better or for worse, Sam now knew of my interest, and had agreed to a date.His words had come at the end of a conversation we’d had at breakfast yesterday morning after we’d cleared up a misunderstanding regarding my intentions when I’d previously asked him out. Well, I suppose technically I’d asked him back to my room for a drink, so I couldn’t actually fault him for not understanding that I truly wanted to date him, not just have a fling while we were here in Honiara collecting research data.

“I’m sorry, Henry,” Sam said now as we approached Mambo Juice’s entry. “I wasn’t thinking straight, obviously.”

Perspiration dripped down my face. My pits felt more than a little damp, and sweat matted my chest hairs. The shower I’d taken right before we’d left the Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel, where we were staying a few days before heading to the smaller islands in the chain, had been a complete waste of time. But even if I’d known Sam would suggest we walk a mile to the Mambo Juice, I probably would have bathed anyway. I wanted to impress the man, after all.

“I’m fine,” I replied. And truthfully I was; other than feeling, shall we say, somewhat less than fresh, the trek and the heat didn’t bother me. We’d both been out in it all day for most of a week, and would be spending at least five more weeks in the islands before heading back to Seattle. This wasn’t the first research trip either of us had taken to a tropical location, and we were both in good health and in the prime of our lives.

Sam looked miserable, biting his lower lip. His body seemed tense, and his brows drawn together. Not unduly physically uncomfortable, but like he was mentally kicking himself in the ass for having suggested we walk.

“Seriously, it’s not a big deal. If I can’t handle one little mile, then I’m a pretty sad case with no business attempting field work.”

He cocked his head to the side and stared curiously at me as I attempted a reassuring smile. His stance relaxed.

“You’re—” He cut off whatever he’d planned to say. His eyes widened and I got the distinct impression he’d been thinking aloud, and hadn’t meant to say anything.

“You’re what?” Because, really, it was better to find out now, before we fucked up our professional relationship beyond any hope of repair by, well…fucking…if there was something about me that bothered him. We’d been colleagues in the university’s biology department in Seattle for ten months, so we knew each other fairly well. I hoped to hell he wasn’t having second thoughts about dating me.

“You’re…you’re actually trying to impress me, just as much as I’m trying to do the same with you.”

I laughed and pressed a palm to my heart. I was so damned relieved to hear those words. “You’re damned right I am!”

His Henry-melting grin appeared, and I was lost.


okay then graphic


ea1ae-file2bjul2b19252c2b112b032b032bamAUTHOR BIO

Addison Albright is a writer living in the middle of the USA. Her stories are gay romance in contemporary, fantasy, and paranormal genres. She generally adds a subtle touch of humor, a smidgen of drama/angst, and a healthy dose of slice-of-life to her stories. Her education includes a BS in Education with a major in mathematics and a minor in chemistry. Addison loves spending time with her family, reading, popcorn, boating, french fries, “open window weather,” cats, math, and anything chocolate. She loves to read pretty much anything and everything, anytime and anywhere.

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