His Steady Heart, Nell's WIP

WIP teaser

Now that the second book in the collab project I write with Kris T. Bethke is submitted to our publisher, I’ve gone back to writing Buck and Pippin again. If you’re new to my blog and wonder who the heck are Buck and Pippin? click here to get some backstory.

Since I wrote about them four weeks ago, their story now has a title (His Steady Heart), I have a deadline (March 31), and the book has a tentative publishing date (sometime in May).

This snippet is still from chapter 1 of the WIP, but not directly following the first teaser.

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“You should get some sleep. I’ll go.”

“No.” I straighten and rub my eyes again. Then I make a quick decision, pull out a drawer where I keep the extra key for the house, grab it, and put it on the bar in front of him. “Stay until you need to go work.”

I’ve meant to give it to him for a long time but getting him to accept stuff is a struggle, even little things. His pride’s got pride, so just getting to a point where he accepts a hot drink without me having to twist his arm has been an uphill battle.

His fingers twitch as though he wants to reach out and take it, but he just keeps looking at it. I put my index finger on the key and nudge it closer to him.

“I…” He lays a fingertip on the metal and frown.

“Pippin.” I soften my voice. “I worry when you’re sittin’ out there freezin’ your butt off, strainin’ your eyes tryin’ to read in the dark.”

“I’m all right,” he whispers.

“I know you are.” He’s more than all right. I don’t understand how he grew up to be such a great person considering his childhood. “Do it for me?”

“Why?” He looks up at me with wrinkled eyebrows.

Because someone needs to look out for you when your ma is too busy screwing her latest sugar daddy to be able to afford to warm up the house this winter. Because you’re so darned strong, working two crappy jobs and saving up what little you can spare for college. Because you’re too good for this shitty situation life dealt you.