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Pictures from Sweden

I’ve been talking about my trip to Sweden for a while, and I thought you might like to see some pictures? I’ve posted pictures on Instagram from my trip, too, but except for one or two, these on the blog haven’t been published before.

So, here’s what I did in Sweden.

emirates bar

Drank bubbly in the business class bar on the plane.


Traveled from Malaysia to Sweden and visited the Malaysian embassy.

skriva på cafe

Wrote at a café, because apparently books don’t write themselves and deadlines are a real thing.


Grumbled about all the snow. Ugh.


Paid a visit to the house I used to live in before I moved to Malaysia. It’s not visible in this picture (I’m standing right next to it, taking this photo), but this is the street I lived on.

fina hus

Took the long way to the grocery store so I could look at all the old houses that I love so much.


Fika – of course!!


Had to go to the bathroom at the train station and was flabbergasted when they wanted me to pay by texting or downloading an app. In Malaysia when there’s a fee to use the bathroom, someone actually sits outside and takes my money. 🙂


Ate homemade elephant ginger bread cookies at my mom’s house.


Giggled at my sister-in-law’s ingenuity. This is their graduation gift to my daughter. We (me and my husband) gave her a trip to Iceland as a gift (it’s on the top of my daughter’s bucket list) and my parents and brother’s family gave her this, for the trip. Pocket money, get it? My SIL actually stole one of my brother’s pockets from his jeans and stuffed it full of money. So funny.


Realized that if you’re married to a musician, he takes his instruments with him everywhere he goes. Even halfway across the world 🙂


Was fascinated by this emergency phone I found in an old elevator. Don’t worry, they had a modern phone, too, but I’m glad they saved the old one.


Drank tea as I watched the full moon and pink sky, waiting for the sun to rise.


Celebrated my husband’s nephew’s 11th birthday. I couldn’t eat the cake (I’m not allowed to eat dairy) but judging from the noises the other people made when they ate it, it was delicious 🙂


Received a love declaration from someone when I took out the garbage. I love you, too, unknown person! (What do you mean it wasn’t meant for me? How do you know? 😀 )


Grumbled some more about the snow.


And the whole reason for the trip: I attended my daughter’s university graduation ceremony. And if you’re wondering which one of these happy people is my daughter, she’s the one who’s cutest and smartest and loveliest. 😍 I’m sure you can pick her out in the crowd after that spot-on description 😀

That’s all. Have a great Monday!