Top 5

Nell’s Top Five


Nell’s Top Five

…Things I love About Coming Home to Sweden
  1. Hanging out with my daughter (and son-in-law.) My kid turns 24 this year and she never grew out of hugging her parents. She’s smart and stubborn and funny and wins every argument. Being with her makes my heart sing and fills my soul with joy. I wish I could pack her into my suitcase and bring her home to Malaysia with me.
  2. FIKA! (If you’re new to my blog and have never heard about fika, read here for an explanation.) If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen lots of fika pictures these last couple weeks. I’ve never met a Swede who doesn’t love fika – it’s in our blood.
    Chai latte and a chocolate ball with nib sugar
  3. Drinking tap water. The tap water in Malaysia is not drinkable, so coming home to Sweden where the water is yummy and of excellent quality is such a luxury. I took it for granted when I lived here. I don’t anymore.
  4. Swedish candy/snacks. These are my favorites: dill flavored potato chips, and Djungelvrål, super salty licorice.
  5. Rainbow bubbly!! I’m a huge bubbly lover and I drink it every chance I have. And this bubbly is super yummy, but what I like best about it is that 5% of the price of every sold bottle is donated to Regnbågsfonden, a Swedish LGBTQ charity.

5 thoughts on “Nell’s Top Five”

  1. I’m sure your number one eclipses the rest!

    I want that chocolate ball, and I ‘ce Never considered salty licorice, but that sounds good. Yay for rainbow bubbly!

    The water isn’t drinkable in Malaysia? Tastes yucky, or would make you sick?

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    1. The water is treated with a lot of chlorine and doesn’t taste very good. You can filter it and it’ll be safe to drink, but the taste is still funny. But it’s good enough to brush my teeth in it 😀

      The chocolate ball is super yummy! 🙂 And ofc you’re right. Number 1 trumps all the others, but a list of one would be a boring list 😀

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