Finding The One, Sale

Book sale and an announcement

jms christmas sale 2018

I’m sorry I’m a little late telling you about the big sale at JMS Books (I was busy Christmassing. Happy Holidays, everyone!) JMS Books offer 50% off all ebooks through December 26, and as usual that includes pre-orders. So you can get any of my upcoming stories in the picture above for half price, as well as my already published books of course.

And there’s something else. Something amazing! Look at this screenshot from JMS Books. See the word next to the title?

fto print

YES! Print!! My words will finally exist in print!! Isn’t that amazing? Finding The One will be released in print version on December 31 and you can buy it for only EIGHT BUCKS on the sale. That’s four stories in print for only $8!

I’m so excited I don’t know whether to cry from happiness or do the happy dance!!

This link will take you to my author page at JMS Books.Β Shop away!

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