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Advent calendar: day 19


Behind door number 19 of the advent calendar, we find It’s Not Yule, It’s Me by Michael P. Thomas. It’s funny and emotional; just the way I love my stories. Shannon is a little crazy and Ben has the patience of a saint, and together they are perfect. It doesn’t hurt that I almost fell off my couch laughing at the way they met. It’s hilarious, trust me on this.

This is the first book I read by this author, but it won’t be my last.

its not yule


Shannon hates Christmas. Mostly because Christmas hates him. It sure seems like it, anyway: every crummy thing that’s happened to him since high school has befallen him at the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Every humiliating break-up, every high-rise hotel fire — heck, a few years back, one guy he had the hots for up and died.

Which goes a long way toward explaining why he’s a whimpering mess when he meets Ben the barista one Christmas morning at his neighborhood coffee house. It doesn’t completely excuse his using Ben’s T-shirt as a handkerchief — while Ben’s still in it — but Ben’s nothing if not a good sport.

Ben’s such a bright spot that after a while Shannon wonders if maybe his Christmas Curse hasn’t been lifted. And what better place to test this theory than at Ben’s family festivities? It’s not like Christmas is actually cursed. Is it?

Download link: Amazon | JMS Books

Today’s quote from the book:

He kisses me. Nothing big, nothing cinematic. He just leans in, kisses me on the mouth, says “Merry Christmas, Shannon,” and walks away. I walk away too, of course. As soon as I float back down to Earth, which takes a second.

Today’s song to go with the story

Blue Christmas by Elvis just to torture Ben, because it’s his least favorite Christmas song in the whole wide world. “I will give you a hundred dollars to turn that off this second.” I don’t think so, Ben 😉

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