Nell Iris' Christmas

Advent calendar: day 9


Behind door number 9 of the advent calendar, we find The Holly Groweth Green by Amy Rae Durreson. If you’re in the mood for a historical fantasy fairytale featuring a navy doctor who was injured in WWII and a wizard from Elizabethan time, that’s liberally sprinkled with magic, and beautifully crafted with magical language – this is just the story for you. I have heart eyes writing this!



When wounded doctor Laurence Payne is stranded in the snowy English countryside on Christmas Eve, 1946, he is surprised to stumble upon Mistle Cottage and its mysterious inhabitant. Avery claims to be an Elizabethan wizard, and Laurence struggles to explain away the atmosphere of the cottage as mere coincidence and trickery. He spends a magical twelve days of Christmas celebrating with Avery, but then wakes to find his lover has vanished and the cottage has fallen to ruin overnight.

Laurence’s investigations lead him to the story of an ancient fairy curse—Avery is doomed to spend only Christmas Eve to Twelfth Night in human form until he finds true love. Laurence sets out to give Avery the greatest gift of all—his heart and with it the chance to live for more than the fleeting winter weeks he’s been sentenced to.

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Today’s quote from the book:

“Such beauty,” Avery murmured, finally lifting his hand to trace through Laurence’s hair. “You shine like gold against me.”

Today’s song to go with the story

God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen by Pentatonix because an Elizabethan wizard needs to be accompanied by music appropriate for a man of yesteryear, albeit with a modern twist 🙂