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Advent calendar: day 6


Behind door number 6 of the advent calendar, we find Always Have, Always Will by Amelia Mann. I love this story, it’s so emotional. Jay and Gabriel aren’t married so when Jay ends up in hospital, Gabriel can’t see him. I always choke up at the thought of not being able to see my partner when they’re sick because of legalities. I can’t imagine how scared and angry I’d be.



Jay thinks official commitments aren’t necessary in a relationship. For the last fourteen years, he has loved waking up beside Gabriel, watching their two adopted kids grow up—even enjoyed painting the fence once in a while and paying his part of the mortgage on their New Jersey home. To Jay, that’s a family. No papers or ceremonies will make their relationship better than it already is…though Gabriel has a different opinion.

Their lives are turned upside-down a month before Christmas, when he collapses in the plumbing aisle of the store. In the aftermath, Gabriel discovers that Jay’s only legal next of kin is his long-time absent father, and later Jay has to confront the painful memories of growing up, and the real truth behind his parents’ divorce. But perhaps now Jay might be ready to give Gabriel a Christmas gift he will never forget.

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Today’s quote from the book:

Gabriel put his hands on my head and steered me so he could kiss my lips. “Thank you. You are everything to me. Take good care of that watch now, you hear? It has a fifty-year warranty. I’ll be very upset if you don’t wear it until the warranty runs out, at least.” He stroked me over my hair. So lovingly.

Today’s song to go with the story

I’ll be home for Christmas by Michael Bublé because after Jay has been in the hospital for weeks, all he wants for Christmas is to be home with his family.

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