JMS Books are having an awesome Black Friday sale: 60% off all ebooks! Yes, you read that right, SIXTY PERCENT. As usual, that includes pre-orders, so you can get my upcoming Christmas story Under the Felt Mistletoe for a fraction of the price!

Click here to get to my JMS author page and start shopping. At more than half off, you get double the amount of books! But hurry up, the offer is only valid Friday and Saturday.


And while we’re on the subject of sales: Dreamspinner Press also has a sale, so if you haven’t read my contribution to last year’s advent calendar, now’s the time to buy it. It’s called Red Popcorn Strings and Gumball Rings and is seriously cute. You definitely need it this holiday season! Click here to buy it.

5 thoughts on “SALE SALE SALE!”

    1. I bought a lot of books. I made 2 blog posts regarding the sale, the second coming up today where I talk about my upcoming releases that are available for pre-order. And in that post, I’ve also listed all the books I bought 🙂 It’s so cheap! I think I’m going to buy more! 🙂

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