I was wrong…and SALE!

In my last blog post when I showed you the pretty cover for Nobody Else’s, I said – and I quote – “No pre-order yet.”

Well, whaddaya know! I was wrong. Turns out my fabulous publisher has already put it up for pre-order…and on top of that, there’s a sale!

Looky here:

memorial day sale (1)

30% off all ebooks at JMS Books through May 27…and that includes pre-orders!! So hurry on over and clickety-click Nobody Else’s –Β or any of my other books – and take advantage of the Memorial Day Sale. I’ve said it before, and I say it again: “book sale” might be the two prettiest words in the world πŸ™‚

You might need links, too? πŸ™‚

Pre-order Nobody Else’s here.

Link to my author page where you’ll find all my books published by JMS Books.

Sometimes it feels great to be wrong, and one of those times is when your book is up for pre-order earlier than you thought!! Happy shopping!

(Oh and if you need more recs, why not check out Addison Albright, Kris T. Bethke, J.D. Walker, Ruby Moone, or Sarah Hadley Brook. They’re all awesome writers and totally worth your money.)