Angel and Firebird

Release Day: Angel and Firebird

Most of the times when I read, I want it to be a romantic, fluffy, feelgood story that makes me forget about all the shit that goes on in the real world. I want to exist on a cloud of pink cotton candy for a few hours and fell warm and fuzzy after I’ve finished the book.

But sometimes I crave something emotional and heart wrenching, that leaves me ugly crying on the couch with a mountain of used Kleenex surrounding me. Like an emotional gut-punch, you know?

Maybe that was what I was craving when I wrote the story about Gabriel and Phoenix? It’s emotional. And bittersweet…but it still ends with a HEA. And that’s what I need when I read my stories: no matter what the characters go through, there has to be a HEA.

Want to read an excerpt? Visit my dear friend Addison Albright’s blog. I didn’t do a regular release blitz this time, but she generously offered to promote me on her blog anyway ❤️

aaf release day

Five years ago, Phoenix lost his lover Gabriel, his angel, in a horrific hate crime. All he wanted was to follow him into death and he struggled a long time trying to get his life back together. All this time later he still hasn’t been able to put the past behind him and forget about the love of his life.

On the anniversary of Gabriel’s death—and 25th birthday—Phoenix’ apartment building catches fire. Will Phoenix do the reasonable thing, or will he rise from the ashes to reunite with his beloved angel?

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