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Book Blast: Love Worth Fighting For (Healing Heart #3) by Dara Nelson


Book Title: Love Worth Fighting For (Healing Hearts #3)
Author: Dara Nelson
Publisher: Dare Press
Cover Artist: Dara Nelson/Dan Skinner
Genre/s: Gay (MM) romance
Length: 68256 words/236 pages
Release Date: February 27, 2018

It is a standalone book.


They had it.
It was right there within their grasp.
Beautiful, blinding, passionate, perfect.
Or was it?
What do you do when your world suddenly and inexplicably falls apart?
How do you cope when everything you thought was good and strong and right…..suddenly isn’t?
How do you come to terms with an end that you never saw coming, a blow from your blindside that crushes your very existence?
How do you let go of the other half of your heart?
For Giovanni Romero, a man of confidence, a man who has always known what he wanted and went after it, you don’t.
You dig in with everything you have, reach deeper to find even more, and you fight.
You fight for what you believe in.
You fight for what you want.
You fight even though you don’t know why you’re fighting in the first place
You fight for love.
Who knew what that meant. It was different for everyone. Truth was, even Tommy had no idea what he truly needed to break free from his fears.
But Gio knew, of course he knew. And once he was able to show Tommy, would the man run screaming from the room or would a whole new world open up at their feet like the golden brick road to Oz.
Restraining benches, sex swings and blindfolds, oh my…

This is an adult M/M romance intended for readers over 18.

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