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Sunday Review

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Happy Sunday, everyone. A short review of a short book today, and be warned: my review contains a minor spoiler, so if that’s not your thing, don’t read it ๐Ÿ™‚

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henry and jimHenry & Jim by J.M. Snyder

These two men who have spent a life in love, from the very first date arranged by Henryโ€™s sister, through the rocky times they worked to make ends meet, and into their twilight years.

This is such a wonderful story about Henry and Jim that met and fell in love over 50 years ago. It’s a very short story that takes place over the morning one day in their lives, but we are treated to glimpses from their life together, among other things their first date that was set up by Henry’s sister.

Jim is suffering from Alzheimers, although he still remembers Henry. But every morning is a struggle for Henry because he worries that this will be the day Jim has forgotten him. I need to stop reading Alzheimer stories: I read Ofelia Grรคnd’s Trapped a few weeks back and bawled my eyes out, and this book had me sobbing the entire way through. My greatest fear in life is Alzheimers or dementia and that I will forget the love of my life, so this book touched me on a personal level.

It’s beautifully written; full of emotion and the love between the two men is almost tangible. The ending is beautiful and leaves me with a feeling of hope, despite the fact that I know Henry and Jim’s story inevitably can’t end well.ย This short glimpse from their lives, however, ends on a happy note, and J.M. Snyder stops before the inevitable happens.

Warmly recommended.