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Amazon pre-order and QRI

Promise Me We’ll Be Okay is now available for preorder at Amazon as well as over at JMS Books, but if you pre-order it at JMS you’ll get 20% off…Just sayin’ πŸ™‚

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Pre-Order / Add to Goodreads

JMS BooksΒ | Amazon


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I’ve also become a member at QueeRomance Ink. As a reader I love searching for books over at their site because you have all these different kinds of filters you can choose. Say I wanna read a particular trope, for example hurt/comfort which is one of my favorites. I definitely want a HEA so I choose that. I want a really romantic book, so I pick a high romance level, but maybe not so much sex so I choose heat level 2. And then I get a list of results that matches my preferences. Like this:


So I decided I want to be a part of all that greatness and finally became a member. Click here to visit my author page at QueeRomance Ink.

4 thoughts on “Amazon pre-order and QRI”

    1. Actually, I’ll leave the anthology alone unless you are unable to make the changes yourself. I didn’t think you could until someone already on it added you, but I see your name is already attached to it although the title to your story isn’t matched to your name yet. I don’t want to double things up.

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      1. Yeah, I added it. Scott messaged me on Facebook with a membership offer (we’ve been talking about it before, but I haven’t taken the plunge), and after I said yes, he told me to talk to him if I had questions, so I asked him about how to add myself to the anthology. There’s a special section for anthologies and I could choose ours, add myself and the blurb to it there, so I did πŸ™‚

        But thanks for trying!! πŸ™‚

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