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Sunday Short Reviews

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Today I give you quick, short reviews of three great books I’ve read recently. I warmly recommend all of them and they all ended up on my re-read shelf. They’re all perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon spent on the couch, with a hot beverage of your choice (that would be tea for me!). So, if that’s how you plan on spending your day, might I suggest you pick any of these?

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motorcycle man

Motorcycle Man by Sarah Hadley Brook

Motorcycle shop owner Ben Makowski offers a three-day class for new riders. When he finds out one of his students doesn’t even like motorcycles, he’s irritated but drawn to the man at the same time. Though he can clearly see the new student is dealing with something difficult, Ben sets out to get to know what that might be and if he can help in any way.

Writer Angus Winter’s publisher has insisted he learn about motorcycles for an upcoming book, which is the last thing he wants to do. His fear of motorcycles stems from a tragedy in his past. But something about his sexy new teacher makes him want to open up to the man. Can Angus trust Ben with the burden he’s carried for so long?

This was a fabulous book that drew me in from the very first page. I loved both Ben and Angus and even though it’s a very short story, the author managed to give them depth and layers. The attraction between them was instant but believable, and I could feel it.

I warmly recommend this book, and would definitely want to read more about these guys!!



Heat Wave: Tuscaloosa by Jeff Adams

Ethan is a grad student stuck in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, for the summer. Though he’s thrilled about his teaching assistant position at the university, he’s not at all excited about the record-breaking heat wave plaguing the area.

In the midst of an oppressively hot summer night, Ethan meets fellow grad student Marcus. While their initial encounters are scorching, can two busy students have more than a heated seasonal fling? Or could it be the beginning of something that will last beyond the stormy southern nights?

I read this entire book with a smile on my face. It was cute, feelgood, and hot. OMG was it hot…with a capital H. The first balcony scene was hotter than the setting of the book itself!! *fans self*

The author did a great job describing the weather conditions. Even though I’ve never been to Alabama, I live somewhere hot and humid, and I could feel the air thicken around me as I read it. The characters were great: I loved how they communicated with each other and their instant attraction was totally believable. I particularly liked their goofiness. Felt authentic for a couple guys their age.

This was the first book I read by Jeff Adams, but it definitely won’t be my last! Warmly recommended.


old xmas magicOld Christmas Magic by Kassandra Lea

Drew McLean has had a run of bad luck and it’s dampened his Christmas spirit. But the last thing he expects to find for the holiday is a demon.

While strolling in the late-night snow, Drew hears screeching tires and a sad scene is awaits him around the corner. A man kneels beside a dog hit by a car, distraught and broken.

The man is Artem, a demon sent to find a pure soul. Drew matches that description to a T. The problem is Artem’s never really been good at the demon gig.

Will a little Christmas magic help them both find what they’re looking for?

This was such an unexpected delight. I bought it on a whim at the Smashwords sale and I’m really happy I did. I was captured from the first lines, and Kassandra Lea managed to make me feel sorry for a demon on the very first page:

Artem cowered on the ground, his black wings bent and broken, feathers falling into the snow where their touch sizzled and they melted through to the frozen ground.

I didn’t expect to feel sorry for a demon. I didn’t expect to love Artem like I did and even feel for him when he does a bad, demon-y thing. Lea’s writing is skillfull and manages to tug on my heartstrings and I was enchanted all the way to the end.

A lovely read.